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Andy Covarrubias was named Mr. Regiment 2014

Regiment Leather 2014 Andy By Motorboot PhotographyAndy Covarrubias was named Mr. Regiment 2014 on Saturday October 19th in front of a packed house at the Eagle LA in Los Angeles, CA. Andy wowed the crowd...and the judges with his charismatic smile, articulate remarks and sexy interaction with the audience.

Matthew Mullins and Daniel Flores made it a close race as these two gentlemen were mere points from victory themselves.

This was a sexually charged weekend of events for the Black and Tans who are celebrating 40 years of Service in Uniform in the los angeles community. Starting Friday night, the three contestants acted out their hottest fantasies at Enlistment which was held in the parking lot of Rough Trade in the Sliver Lake District of los angeles and only about three blocks from the Eagle LA. The contestants left the judges wet in their seats and drooling for more.

The party continued at the Eagle LA with Roll Call as the contestants officially kicked off the weekend, presenting themselves to the crowd.The highjinks continued on Saturday afternoon with an Interview and naked pool party.



Regiment 2014 Robert Andy JustinThe judges were International Mr. Leather 2013 Andy Cross, Shad Cruz, Esteban Jimenez, Michael Lara, Charlie Matula, Michael Parra and head judge Mr. los angeles Leather 2013 Justin Emerick.

Everyone wrapped up the weekend at The Coup victory celebration on Sunday afternoon held at a private residence. Andy will compete in March for the title of los angeles Mr. Leather. If victorious, he would be the fifth Mr. Regiment in a row to win the title.

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