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The Basics of Leather and Boot Care in Portland, OR

Blackout Leather ProductionsA hands-on workshop where participants will learn and practice Basics of Leather and Boot Care at a private location in Portland, OR on Saturday, November 16 from 12-2 PM.

After an introduction to techniques and products, attendees will practice their skills.  Dara will be willing and ready to answer questions on any boots or Leather gear attendees have brought with them.  Attendees are welcomed to bring their own care supplies, but basic products and equipment will be available. The cost is $5-10 on a sliding scale.



E-mail Dara at for location.

This will be a great opportunity for attendees to get their hands dirty practicing Leather care, whether they want to care for their own Leather, offer their skills as personal service to others, or become a public bootblack. For Dara's list of suggested products to start a Leather care kit or get answers to any other questions about the workshop, email Dara at .

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The Oregon State Leather and Bootblack titles are produced by Blackout Leather Productions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Oregon.