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Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2014 set for February 1

Eagle LA Logo Web 325The Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2014 will be held at that venerable Los Angeles Leather bar, Eagle LA, 4219 Santa Monica Blvd. on Saturday February 1 at 9 PM. Friday, January 31 will see a meet and greet starting at 9 PM at the Eagle LA. A Sunday Victory Brunch will start at 12 PM at the French Quarter Restaurant and a Victory Beer Bust at the Eagle LA at 4.

Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2014 will compete for the Mr. los angeles Leather 2014 sash on Saturday night, March 29. The venue and starting time has not been announced yet.

The judges will be head judge Kevin Casey - head judge, Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2013 Bill Robertroy, The Leather Journal publisher and editor Dave Rhodes, PSLOD member Dave Murdock and Mr. DC Eagle 2005 Daddy Scott.


The judges' boy will be Boy Bill and the contestant handler will be Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2008 Jasun Mark. The tally master will be Avatar Club los angeles member Carlos.

Los Angeles Leather Pride 2014: Brethren = Blood week will be held March 23-30 with events held almost every night at locations all over los angeles County, ranging from a motorcycle ride, roller skating party, Assembly uniform party, play party at Sanctuary Studios LAX and the Southland Honors in Long Beach. Tom of Finland will have an event as well as several others.

The Eagle LA has always been and will always be a meeting place for like minded Leathermen to bond, interact and further their life style. The Eagle LA goal is to uphold the Leather-Uniform-Fetish ethic in the community and to support them through different services and fund raising events. The Eagle LA not only understands what it takes to cater to the wants and needs of our patrons they also embrace Leather as a way of life.

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