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Monday, 14 November 2016 09:34

SD Eagle Patrons Egged Early Monday Morning

At approximately 150 am Monday, November 14, 2016, three patrons of the San Diego Gay Leather bar The San Diego Eagle were, made the recent victims of hate, when they were egged by men in a silver sedan.

 sd eagle egged faggotsThe men in the car shouted “faggots” at the group, and then circled around back towards Heimbach who had just separated to make his way home.

When I asked Jay if he was ok, he replied, “Yes. I was they did miss me and another "friend" (but) not by much at all. We were standing by the windows of the breakfast place on the corner finishing a cig. It splattered on me. I'm okay I stood up for myself and ran a bit after the car.” He continued on confirming that all involved in the early morning attack are okay “Angle my Imperial Wife was there witnessed but not egged.”

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Press Release

March 31, 2017

International Olympus Leather Contest


Vonn Tramel is pleased to announce the Seven Judge Panel that will select the next International Mr and Ms Olympus Leather over the course of Olympus Leather Weekend in San Diego California May 5-7, 2017.

Head Judge – Dr. Lawrence Burden – aka Dr. Larry

Dr. Larry has served on many judging panels including Los Angeles Leather, Mr. Hoist Leather in London, International Mr. Leather, and is also the permanent Head Judge for International Leather Sir/boy. This will mark his fifth year as Head Judge with the International Olympus Leather Contest.

International Mr Olympus Leather 2015-16 Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson is the current International Mr. Olympus Leather. He is also Great Plains Mr. Olympus Leather 2015 and Gulf Coast Community Bootblack 2008. He's been honored to have opportunities to teach at events, held positions of leadership in various leather organizations, bootblack for contests and be a part of many organizations such as Mr. Friendly who’s helping reduce the stigma of HIV.

International Ms Olympus Leather 2015-16 slave boo

Slave boo has been involved in the kink world, off and on, for almost 30 years.  After introducing her husband of 17 years to the BDSM community, they have not looked back. Slave boo is Great Plains Olympus Leather 2015, and the current International Ms Olympus Leather. She was humbled by being announced as South Central Regional Leather Person of the Year 2015. Besides her charity work slave boo teaches Negotiations and Expectations, is a mentor and strives to be a Leather Woman her family, and her community can be proud of.

Founder and Producer Emeritus Olympus Leather Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes is the publisher and editor of The Leather Journal which was founded in 1987. The paper of record for the leather-bdsm-fetish community is the longest continuously running Leather publication in history. Dave has judged IML, International Ms Leather, International Mr. Drummer, International Mr. Fantasy, International Leather Sir and Leatherboy, Mr. International Rubber, American Brotherhood, International Puppy, International Master/slave and NLA: International. In total, over 450 contests.

Community Fundraiser Sandy “Mama” Reinhard

“Mama” is respected and revered for her ability to motivate her international Family with her philosophies that include “Ask yourself what can I do to make a difference, and then do it from the heart”. It is estimated that through individual fundraising efforts and volunteering, Mama's Family has raised over 5 million dollars both locally and internationally, since its beginning.

Historian and Dedicated Volunteer Caryl

Caryl has been involved in the San Diego Leather and BDSM communities since 1999 having been involved in a wide variety of groups and events and has been honored with awards including the Sentinel of Leather, Leather Woman of the Year, Community Choice, and Gio Micu Award. She is dedicated to helping people find validation, contacts and education for their kinks and supporting consensual sexual freedom.

Pantheon of Leather Woman Of The Year 2009 Mistress Cyan

Mistress Cyan was introduced to The Lifestyle in 1989, and has since become a well-respected Leader in The los angeles BDSM and Leather Communities.  She served as Producer of International Olympus Leather from 2010-2015, was Producer of West Coast Olympus Leather in 2008, President of two of the largest FemDom groups in los angeles and served on The Board of Advisers for The los angeles Chapter of Club FEM. In June 2015, Mistress Cyan was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and spent most of the latter half of the year undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. It was during this time that she retired from Olympus Leather. After a long hard fight, she is now back on her feet and back working as hard as ever.




Olympus Leather Weekend is sponsored by Bulldog Custom Leathers, The Leather Journal, The Leather Foundation, San Diego Leather Pride, Boy Pup Creations, The Kinkdom Detroit

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Narnia from San Diego, CA was named Southern California Leather Woman 2012 at the Bordello of Decadence in Rosemead, CA on Saturday night, October 6 in front of about 200 cheering spectators. There were three contestants, all of which were applauded by the audience which was really into the contest.
The theme was Penance: Time To Pay For Your Sins, and that was evident by the attire and theme settings throughout the Bordello and by emcee, Sister Mary O’Malley, aka Fawna. She had everyone almost in tears from laughter.
The judging panel included Southern California Leather Woman 2009 Kathleen who was the head judge, Desire coproducer Blu
Southern California Leather Woman NariaSouthern California slave 2011 Slave bren, former Club X board member Caryl, Poemme Femme, ParadiseSoCal, Leonora Ma’am, los angeles Leather Coalition board member Ms Diana, Casey, Cochella and LARAWW coordinator Shelly Sin.
Each of the contestants performed fantasies as did Mistress Melissa and also Mina Fatale. There was a fabulous pole dance followed by a suspension scene off stage in the center of the room where chairs were moved.
Following the theme, there were plenty of sweets to meet even the biggest sugar craving. Admission to Southern California Leather Woman was free and there were no fundraisers. Duff Roberts produces this contest on her own dime every year and many wonder how she does it. It certainly is not done on-the-cheap and she usually has people lined up wanting to help.
People stayed around long after the contest was over and Big Daddy of the Bordello opened the place up for play after the chairs, lighting and sound were put away.
Three vendors: Saint Leather, Deviant Elegant Designs and Yxtabay Designs had booths outside and all appeared busy before the contest, during intermission and afterward.
About 25 Leatherfolk attended the victory brunch at BJ's on Sunday morning.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 14:46

San Diego Leather Pride


The highlight of San Diego Leather Pride was the San Diego Leather 2016 contest at the World Beat Center in San Diego's Balboa Park on Saturday night, March 19 with the titles going to Ms San Diego Leather 2016 Jae Marie, Mr. San Diego Leather 2016 Jay Heimbach and San Diego Bootblack 2016 Eric.

All official events took place March 17-20 at the World Beat Center.

One of the highlights was the Women's Leather History display presented by Viola Johnson of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library which included books, magazines, articles, photographs, illustrations and sculptures.

The judging panel for Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather consisted of Head Judge Viola Johnson, Carmelle, Ms San Diego Leather 2010 Tiger, Mr. San Diego Leather 2004 Adam Latham, American Leather Boy 2015 Boypup Max, International Ms Leather 2015 Sarge (who was also Ms San Diego Leather 2014-2015), and Master Anjin.

The judging panel for the San Diego Bootblack contest consisted of International Ms Bootblack slave tabitha, Ms. los angeles Leather 2016 Goddess Moon and Southern California Leather Bootblack 2015 Danielle.

Mark Frazier of Dallas, TX was the keynote speaker at the Victory Brunch on Sunday. Mark gave a thought provoking speech on "Building a House of Leather" that was well received and appreciated by all. Frazier stated that this was his last keynote speaking engagement and San Diego was proud to have him choose to do it there.

San Diego Leather contest producers Annie Romano and Bryan Teague announced that this would be their least year producing the contest and weekend and that a new producer would be named soon.

Friday night saw a meet and greet with food where the contestants, one for each contest, introduced themselves to the judges and guests.



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