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Mr. DC Leather Ron Moser

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DC Leather Ron Moser
On June 3, Ron Moser was selected from three contenders to be the first Mr. DC Leather. Vern Stewart was the head judge, leading a panel of judges which included Derrick Thomam, Jim Plant, Mama Schell and Pupp Tripp.
Mr. DC Leather Ron Moser competed at International Mr. Leather (IML).

Mr. San Diego Leather Kurt Wendelborg

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Mr. San Diego Leather Kurt Wendelborg
Kurt Wendelborg was chosen Mr. San Diego Leather at Rich’s in San Diego, CA on Saturday night, March 19, besting two other men.
International Mr. Leather 1992 Lenny Broberg returned as the emcee.
The judging panel included Race Bannon, Bryan Teague, Randy Carmenaty, Pup, Mickey, Graylin Thornton and Frank Jones.

Black and Tans Spring Maneuvers

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The Regiment of the Black and Tans celebrated Its 12th Annual Spring Maneuvers on April 24-26. On Friday a full bus made a tour of the "hottest bars", in the area. Saturday, the marble floors of a restored 1920's building echoed to the sounds of boots as about 200 of the country's most exciting uniform men gathered for the Captain's Reception. Sunday saw an overflow crowd at The Gauntlet treated to beer and tattoos.

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