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Mr. Missouri Leather 2013 is John "Scruffy John" Metzner

By March 03, 2013

Missouri WinnersMr. Missouri Leather 2013 is John "Scruffy John" Metzner who won his title at JJ's Clubhouse in St. Louis, MO on Saturday night, March 2 in front of 350 cheering on lookers. The runner-up was Drew who held his own through the grueling competition.

This was the 30th Anniversary for Mr. Missouri Leather which is the longest-running Leather contest produced by the same organization, the Gateway Motorcycle Club.

The emcees were Mr. Missouri Leather 2010 Terry Laupp and 2009 Mike Lunter. Their schtick was amazing and they kept the audience laughing all night. Emcee at large was Mr. Missouri Leather 2011 DJ Kaiser who roamed the crowd with a microphone and who opened the show.

Missouri ContestantsThe judging panel included International Ms Bootblack 2012 Tarna Scaynne, Mr Midwest Rubber 2012 Collin Wood, The Leather Journal publisher and editor Dave Rhodes, Central Plains LeatherSIR 2012 Robb Lappe and Mr. Missouri Leather 2012 Scott O'Brien.

An annual fun contest held by Gateway MC, Gateway Guy saw five men strut their stuff as scores were being tallied. Audience response, as interpreted by the Mr. Missouri Leather judges, was Craig Ash. Gateway Guy was emceed by past Gateway MC president Fredric Rissover.

Other highlights of the weekend included the Sunday brunch at Hamburger Mary's and a meet and greet at JJ's Clubhouse on Friday night. If they give an award for best contest Sunday brunch of the year, the one at Hamburger Mary's would be a certain nominee, if not the outright winner. It was simply a blast with St. Louis' best drag queens honoring the Leatherfolk their and the great food.

Missouri JudgesScruffy John's speech was on the "F word - Fear." The uniqueness of what he said and his approach will send positive ripples around the region.

There was a tribute to Mr. International Rubber 2013  Jason Lynch by Mr. Midwest Rubber 2012 Collin Wood. Lynch died on Monday, February 26, the day after his birthday.

There were plenty of Leatherfolk from the region and the talk of guys attending CLAW was big. If it's any indication, Cleveland is going to be overrun this time.

Gateway MC is celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a Bash at JJ's Clubhouse on October 19

Missouri Gateway Guy CraigGateway MC and JJ's Clubhouse are already planning a huge event for next year which will be held during Mardi Gras, February 28 - March 2. Mardi Gras in St. Louis is the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States, with only the big party in New Orleans being larger.


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