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Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014 Scott "Big Red" Farrell

By March 08, 2014

San Francisco Leather 2014 Scott Farrell By Rich Stadtmiller WebIt was announced on stage at the Hotel Whitcomb on Market Street on Saturday night, March 1 that Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014 is Scott "Big Red" Farrell. The first runner-up was Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather Gage Fisher and the second runner-up was Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather. Six men competed.

Heading the judging panel was Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013 who was the fifth Mr. San Francisco Leather titleholder to win the International Mr. Leather title. The other four were IML 1979 David Kloss representing the Brig, IML 1981 Marty Kiker representing the Brig, IML 1985 Patrick Tone representing Chaps and IML 1992 Lenny Broberg.

Joining Andy were Mr. LA Leather 2013 Justin Emerick, Mr. Bolt Leather 2013 Robert Brooks, Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2012 Thib Guichard-Callin, Ms San Francisco Leather 2013 Val Langmuir and Judge Emeritus Garry "Marlena" McLain.

The emcees were Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013 Darren Bondy and International Mr. Leather 198 Mike Pereyra.

As Mr. Legion of Sin, Scott Farrell is a muscled redhead who is Mr. September on the 2014 Bare Chest Calendar. Big Red is a member of BaGG (Bondage a Go Go) and is the secretary of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. He will compete at International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May.



San Francisco Award Recipients By Rich Stadtmiller WebA Meet The New Mr. San Francisco Leather after party followed the contest at the Powerhouse. The San Francisco Eagle held its First Anniversary of its reopening on Sunday afternoon. Prior to that, The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance hosted its Community Awards Brunch at Beatbox.

The Lenny Broberg Award recipient was Desmond Perrotto who was honored for his years of service to Mr. San Francisco Leather.

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance major award winners were Man of the Year Erik Gibb and Rich Stadtmiller (tie), Woman of the Year Deborah Hoffman-Wade, Philip M. Turner Lifetime Achievement Award Ms Margaret and Iain Turner.

San Francisco 2014 Winners By Rich Stadtmiller Web