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Ms Los Angeles Leather Nicole Moon O'Neal

By March 16, 2016



Under the production of Shae Flanigan, the Ms Los Angeles Leather title was resumed the weekend of January 14-17 with Nicole Moon O'Neal besting Tuesday Niles and Persefonie Di Stefano to become the first to hold the title in about two decades.

Emcees Dave Faunce and AJ aka Sister Amanda Reckonwith were on top of their game.

The recipient of the Ms Los Angeles Leather 2016 Leather Heart Award was Persefonie Di Stefano who is the President of the Los Angeles girls of Leather.

The head judge was Lee Lambert with slave Bren, Eric Paul Leue, Dara Bryant, Melissa Miles, Slave Pug, Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt and Rik Newton-Treadway working with her. The tallyfolk were Anthony Harmon and Stela Furtado, the judges' boys were Aaron Duke and Chris Owen, the contestant coordinator Tiara Gollaher was assisted by Muffin, and den daddy Gus Norris.

The meet and greet was at Rough Trade, the interviews were at Sanctuary, the contest was at Threshold and the victory party was at the Bullet Bar.