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HIDE Exhibit at Leather Archives begins on June 21

HIDE By Karl Leather ArchivesThe Leather Archives and Museum announced that Karl and Caren from Art On Leather from the United Kingdom will attend the opening reception of HIDE which will be an exhibition from Karl Hamilton-Cox of Art On Leather from June 21 - January 5, 2014. The Friday, June 21 Exhibit will begin at 9 PM and is free admission.

The exhibit features erotic works painted on Leather canvas. Of his first showing outside of the UK, the artist says "My work is unashamedly illustrative in nature as I prefer a realism style that I feel is more of a technical challenge than contemporary representative or abstract genres." He developed his painting on Leather technique after he was asked to do a bomber jacket sample in early 2011.

With some lateral thinking he has successfully adapted the concept to the UK fetish and alternative lifestyle markets. Karl’s Leather art has now been accepted in both mainstream and alternative lifestyle exhibitions in London, Birmingham and Hereford. The Leather Archives exhibition is his first solo show and also his first outside the UK.

Leather ArchivesKarl is a British artist based in the City of Hereford. He has always had a practical interest in figurative art dating back to the early 1970’s influenced by Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and Gil Elvgren; Karl declined a place offered to him at Art College as figurative art was not being taught, so he joined the Army. His service in the British Army started in 1981 as an Armourer then Artificer Weapons in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers until retirement as the UK military’s senior light weapons Warrant Officer in 2003. He served with Mechanised Infantry, Heavy Artillery, Special Forces, and Headquarter units in Germany, UK, Brunei, Northern Ireland and Middle East. His Resettlement preparation from the Army comprised completing a five-year Open University Science Technology Degree with short portraiture and life sculpture courses in 2003 that reignited his artistic passion. He became a compliance and policy Vice President in a UK defense company until early 2013.

The Leather Archives and Museum will host several events during International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago, IL, including a roast of International Mr. Leather 2012 Woody Woodruff and a screening of the new movie, Leather Bar. The Leather Archives and Museum is located at 6418 North Greenview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626

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