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Pacific Coast MC Black Mountain Run July 30 – August 3

By June 17, 2014

Pacific Coast MC 2013 Run By Eric Mooney WebThe Pacific Coast Motor Club is going ahead with their famous Black Mountain Run, set for the July 30 - August 3 weekend, once again at the club’s traditional campground of 44 years, high in the woods above Palm Springs and Idyllwild, California. Last year, the Black Mountain site had to be evacuated at the last minute as a precaution because a wildfire elsewhere in that forest required the full attention of authorities. The Big Bear campground where the party regrouped turned out to be so pleasant and convenient that it was considered for this year’s run, but tradition and a love for the original location won out.

One reason for the run’s survival into these times is its evolution into a “pioneer-style” event, where the club’s meal and equipment responsibilities are more manageable for a downsized membership. Guests arrive when they want and bring whatever they expect to need for meals other than Friday night and Saturday; food and equipment resources are often pooled and sporadic potluck snacks and banquets arise spontaneously. The LA Chapter of Trident International regularly contributes Saturday breakfast, and sometimes one LA-area bar or another contributes a Friday happy hour party.


PCMCEmbroThe club tries to break even at $60 a head – an extraordinary bargain, to say the least; last year they held a car wash at The Bullet Bar to make up for the shortcoming. Whether one is single or its a couple, everyone is sure to have a great time for very little expense.

Attendance is limited and preregistration is required, so print the form at http://www.lapcmc.com and send in reservations for this casual, congenial weekend. There’s more detailed information at the web site.

Pacific Coast MC invites new fellows to consider membership. Meetings are normally held on the second Friday of the month. Contact the Secretary at the web site above to arrange an introduction.