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Pantheon of Leather 2019 sees 30 new recipients in Dallas

By September 02, 2019





Pantheon of Leather 2019 saw 30 new recipients added to the total of over 900 over the years at the Crowne Plaza Market Center in Dallas, TX. Pantheon of Leather was held as part of International Leather Sir, Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack on Thursday night, August 29 as part of a formal buffet dinner which had about 30 standing past the sellout crowd. ILSLb ICBB was held Labor Day weekend.






The emcee was Christopher Edwards, ASL Interpreter was Robert Helms, and the two marvelous award assistants (Vannahs) were Mr. Texas Leather Kaprese Andre and Ms Texas Leather Ms Elizabeth.

The production team of ILSLb ICBB, led by Christopher Edwards, handled the main production of the Awards program, nominations and voting. Thanks also go to Jeffrey Payne, and Dr. Lawrence and William Burden.

Nominations were accepted online from the community and the recipients selected by popular vote during July and August. The President's Awards were selected by Pantheon of Leather founder Dave Rhodes. The winners were unknown until announced on stage as the only one who knew was the engraver.

The Pantheon of Leather Awards have been presented by The Leather Journal for 29 years.


Pantheon of Leather 2019 Award Recipients and Nominees



Onyx Rod speaks, accepting the Man of the Year Award for Jack Thompson. Photos by Dave Rhodes


Man of The Year - Jack Thompson


Daddy Steve - Onyx Magic Man
Alan Stroik
Jack Thompson
James Lee
Miguel Torres




Woman of the Year - Goddess Lakshimi



Goddess Lakshimi


Megan Nicole

Domina Voss

Velvet Storm




Mx of the Year - Raven Darknights



Raven Darknights

Allie Dandy

Sclena Young

Mx T

Perrin Shore




Couple of the Year - Dr. Lawrence and William Burden


Pharaoh Khafra and Empress Nahara

Dr. Lawrence and William Burden

Ms D. Dom and Cream Dream

Lascivious Jane and Simon Sayes

Master Blue and sherri




Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) - Hardy Haberman



Stephen Bailous

Hardy Haberman

Jeff Tucker

Gerard Turner

Dr. Daddy Jim


Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Woman) - Mistress Mir


Mistress Cyan

Ameila Horo

Joan Norry

Ms Suzan’s

Mistress Mir



President's Awards

Rick Conley

Gabriel Green

Cy Pher

Christopher Edwards

Large Event of the YearSin in the City



Florida Power Exchange


Sin in the City

Mr. International Rubber


Small Event of the Year - Kink Weekend OKC


The Mark’s POC Party

Kink Weekend OKC

Twin Cities Leather Weekend

Twisting Culture

Mx Virginia Leather Weekend


Non Profit Organization of the Year - United Court of the Lonestar Empire


Carter Johnson Library

The Mark/CPI

Leather Heart Foundation

United Court of the Lonestar Empire

Team Friendly DFW


Large Club of the Year - Hard Pink Sisterhood


Gateway Alternative Lifestyle Center


Hard Pink Sisterhood

MAsT International

Titans of the Midwest


Small Club of the Year - ONYX Pearls Deep South


Misfits Houston

ONYX Pearls Deep South

New England Rubbermen

Twin Cities T-REXX

Women in Leather ATL


Business of the Year - Abraided Leather


Merry Kitten Creations

Abraided Leather

Go Bearr Gear


Sanctuary Studios LAX


Business Person of the Year - Shane Hutchinson


Merry Kitty

Shane Hutchinson

Rafael Lamas

Eric Kugelman

Ryan Coit




Florida Regional Award - Bill Hoeppner


Elimination Onyx

Domina Voss

Amaia Little


Bill Hoeppner




Great Lakes Regional Award - Gerald "Daddy G" Cernak
(IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)


Rayn Onyx Pearl

Boy Robi

Miguel Torres

Gerald "Daddy G" Cernak

Will Baker


Mid Atlantic Regional Award - Derrick ‘Otter’ Starr


Nicole ‘ Determined’ Harris

Chris Booth

Derrick ‘Otter’ Starr

Robert Chandler

Green Eyed Deviant


Midwest Regional Award - Sassy Nikki
(IA, MN, MS, NE, ND, SD)


Kurt Patton

Lucky Markstone

Sassy Nikki

Michael Claar

Tommy Rosengren


Northeast Regional Award - Kj Nichols
(CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, NJ, NY)


Master Kaddan

Lynx Onyx

Jewel X

Kj Nichols

Thom Kam


Northern California Regional Award - Bri Burning


Girl Complex

Bianca Spencer

Jawn Marques

Bri Burning

Tiffany Obanion-Lorenz


Northwest Regional Award - Bootblack Gretchen
(AK, OR, WA)


Bootblack Gretchen

Shawna Clausen

John Shaubach

Christopher “Rocket” Force

Lady Syrerose


Rocky Mountain Regional Award - Oshun Diaz Onyx
(AZ, CO, MO, NM, NV, UT, WY)


Oshun Diaz Onyx

Lady Syrerose

Sbudz Budzyn

Boypup Rocko

Kylee Maria


South Central Regional Award - Sir Bear
(OK, TX, LA, AK, KS)


Sir Bear

Bunny nichol

Robert Helms

Mama Gail

Ms Elizabeth


Southeast Regional Award - Ms DDom
(NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, TN, KY)


Ms DDom

Jonathan White

Marcie Friday

Daddy Jeff Henken



Southern California Regional Award - Dorian Gray
(So CA, HI)


Valentino Harrison

Randy Carmenaty

Doriam Manuel Couto

Elliot Musgrave

Dorian Gray


Canadian Award - Lady Umbra


Sir Kira Morganne

Dixie Licious

Lady Umbra

Guillaume Dupuis

Dominique Laveragne


International Award - Suzanne van de Laar


girl Ang

Kriszly de Hond

Fionn Scott

Maximiliano Rubio

Suzanne van de Laar