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Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather named

Oregon Leather 2014 Winners By Leland Carina  WebThe winners of the 2014 Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather contest are Mr. Sir Steven and Shawna Clausen which was held on Saturday night, August 9 at The Embers in Portland, Oregon. The contest was the main event of Oregon State Leather Pride.

Four contestants competed in front of a packed room. The emcees were Nick and Sandra Elliott who kept things lively in spite of the heat outside.

The judges were American Leatherman 2013, International Ms Bootblack 2014 Dara, Ms Oregon State Leather 2013 Stormy Styles, Mr. Oregon State Leather 2013 Bill Westervelt, Mr. Oregon Bear 2014 JD Liggins, ISRC Rose Princess 44 Vivica Vail Valentine, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue and Ms San Francisco Leather 2013 Val Langmuir.



The tally masters were Billy Senjo who is a founding member of PDX-PAH and Mr. Oregon Cub 2013 Jason Clow Mr. Oregon Cub 2013.

Other events included the highly-regarded Rose and Thorn Awards and Victory Brunch at Charlie's honoring the Leather community of Oregon and nearby areas, Queer Leather Bash, vendors, Leather Scotch and Cigar Social, Leather Pride Party at Refuge PDX, Smokeout Cigar Party, Leather Community Memorial Service and Social, educational classes, meet and greet, Portland Leathermen's Potluck, Leather Cocktails at The Embers, and a Tribal Victory Party at Eagle Portland.

The Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather and Oregon State Bootblack titles are produced by Blackout Leather Productions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of volunteers from Oregon and SW Washington’s Leather community. The titleholder contests are part of the Oregon Leather Pride series of events occurring each August.
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The following charities and organizations were the beneficiary of funds raised: Cascade AIDS Project, Esther’s Pantry, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette Equal Access Fund, Q Center, Strength For The Journey, SMYRC, and the TransActive Gender Center.

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