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Jeff Donaldson and Doc named American Leatherman and Leather woman 2012

American Leather Family 2012Jeff Donaldson is the new American Leatherman 2012 and Doc is the new American Leatherwoman 2012. The announcement of their win capped off a full weekend of events at the Leather Archives and Museum and the Touché Bar in Chicago, IL the weekend of October 5-7.
American Leatherboy 2011 Tyler Fong will continue to represent American Brotherhood Weekend as there were no contestants for American Leatherboy.

The judges were International Master 1999 Khiki Cavanaro, International Mr. Leather 1994 Jeff Tucker, American Leatherboy 2009Johnny boy Birdsell, Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2005 Jay Harcourt, Daddy Sky CottonAmerican Leatherman 2011 Tom Savage, American Leatherwoman 2011 Trinity Thomas and American Leatherboy 2011Tyler Fong.
American Leatherwoman 2012 Doc is a Pittsburgh, PA resident and was Ms Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish Pride 2012. She is a physical therapist concentrated in home health and geriatric, and wants to use the title and her year to increase awareness regarding sexual assault and rape in our community.
American Leatherman 2012 Jeff Donaldson is from Atlanta, GA and is the current Mr. Atlanta Eagle, and is a server system administrator. He is a member of Panther Leather/Levi Club, Southern Bears and Hotlanta Rubber and Gear. He would like to use the title to help educate others about community service and unity.
The runner-up for American Leatherman 2012 is Brent Gannetta, Mr. Powerhouse 2012, from San Francisco, CA. The runner-up for American Leatherwoman 2012 is Toni, Ms Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2012, from Kutzton, PA.
American Brotherhood Weekend 2013 will be October 11-13.
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