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PCMC (Pacific Coast Men's Club) held their 42nd Anniversary

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PCMC (Pacific Coast Men's Club) held their 42nd Anniversary at the home of Bullet bar owner Michael Lara in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday afternoon, October 20. Members of Avatar Club Los Angeles, Trident: LA, LOBOC MC and Oedipus MC were on hand.

Jeff Donaldson and Doc named American Leatherman and Leather woman 2012

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American Leather Family 2012Jeff Donaldson is the new American Leatherman 2012 and Doc is the new American Leatherwoman 2012. The announcement of their win capped off a full weekend of events at the Leather Archives and Museum and the Touché Bar in Chicago, IL the weekend of October 5-7.
American Leatherboy 2011 Tyler Fong will continue to represent American Brotherhood Weekend as there were no contestants for American Leatherboy.

Southeast Olympus Leather Carlton and Master Sergeant's Private

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Southeast Olympus Leather Carlton And Master Sgt Pvt Web HistoryMaster Sergeant's Private was the lone contestant for the Ms Southeast Olympus Leather 2013 Contest at the Double Tree Murietta on Saturday night, October 13 and she earned the needed points to win the title. Carlton will serve another year as Mr. Southeast Olympus Leather.
The emcee was David Nelson who also served as the more than able auctioneer for the travel fund.
The judges were head judge Ms Suzan who received the Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional Award the nigh before in the same room as the contest, Women's International

Leather Legacy 2012 Angel Propps, Sir Alexander, John  of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Triskelan who received the Pantheon of Leather Community Choice (Woman) Award the night before, Craig and elcca.
Contest producer Insatiable Amazon presented the Bob Harris Service Award to Girl Erin.

Midwest Puppy 2012 Pup Hercules

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On Friday night, October 5, the inaugural Midwest Puppy Contest saw Pup Hercules of St. Louis, MO named 2012 Midwest Puppy and on Saturday night, October 6, Matt Hengle of Lebanon, OH was named Mr. Midwest Leather 2012; both contests were at the Bad Dog Bar and Grill in St. Louis, MO.
Pup Buster, also of St. Louis, was first runner-up and Pup Gadget of Seattle, WA was second runner-up in the Midwest Puppy Contest. Aaron Laxton was first runner-up and Bryce Nathaniel was second runner-up in the Midwest Leather Contest. Both from St. Louis.
The emcee for the Midwest Puppy Contest was Mr. Midwest Leather 2011 Mike Prater. The judges were Pup Snuggles, Scott O’Brien, Pup Astro, Jeremy Morris and Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua.
Judging the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest were Danny Cox, DJ Kaiser, Bruce Karmazin, Jeremy Morris and Mike Prater. The emcee was Mr. Missouri Leather 2009 Mike Lunter.

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