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Leatherman of Color Khalid El Bey

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By Rod “Rod Onyx” McCoy

After a year hiatus, the Leatherman of Color contest returned on September 19 with Khalid El Bey winning the title.

Sponsored by Mufasa’s Pride and held at Touché Bar, the contest celebrated its 10th year in the city where it first began, Chicago.

The judges for the Leatherman of Color contest were Mr. Chicago Leather Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Tri-State Leather Brian Bolt Donner, Mama Viola Johnson, Mr. Southeast Leather Fest 2015 Sir Raymond Walker and the first Leatherman of Color, John Tatum, who, in honor of the 10th Anniversary of his win, addressed and moved the crowd with his recollections of his title year.

The emcee for Leatherman of Color was Drummer North America 2015 Doc Hoskins, Jr. who also held the title of Leatherman of Color 2007.

Khalid El Bey is a native of Memphis, TN and is a proud member of ONYX who served in the US Navy as a combat medic, and is a sexual health educator in the Washington, DC area.  Congratulations to Khalid, and we’re looking forward to great things during his reign.



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