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ROMP San Diego will be held August 22-24

By August 04, 2014

ROMP San Diego-logo-web.pngROMP San Diego will be held August 22-24 at the Victory Theater in National City and will feature the Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather 2014 contests and the first San Diego Bootblack contest.

The judging panel will include International Ms Leather 1987 Judy Tallwing-McCarthy, International Mr. Leather 1979 David Kloss, International Mr. Leather 1992 Lenny Broberg, American Leatherwoman 2013 OB Hamm, American Leatherman 2013 Aaron Duke, Ms San Diego Leather 2012 Wish and International Mr. Bootblack 2004 Allen Tunstall.

The San Diego Bootblack judges will be International Ms Bootblack 2008 Q, International Community Bootblack 2006 Henry James, Maryland Mr. Leather Rik "Hooker" Newton-Treadway.



Friday night's events start with a meet and greet and includes opening ceremonies and a celebration of Eli and Colt's title year with hors d'oeuvres and drinks at 8 PM at the Victory Theater.

The contests on Saturday night begins at 6 PM and includes the Mr. and Ms San Diego, and San Diego Bootblack 2014 contests, Cigar social following at the Victory Theater. An after party at the San Diego Eagle will close out the night.

ROMP San Diego will be offering classes on Saturday from 11:15 AM - 5 PM at Pleasures & Treasures. Among the classes are Intro to Electrical Play by Ms Cynthia, Advanced Breath Play by Ms Cynthia, plus two classes to-be-announced.

A victory brunch is planned for Sunday, but the location was not yet selected.

Winners will have the option of competing at IML, IMsL or ABW.

To find out more about the ROMP San Diego and the two contests visit http://www.rompsd.com and http://www.SanDiegoBootblack.com