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San Diego Leather Pride 2017

By April 16, 2017



San Diego Leather Pride was held at the World Beat Cultural Center in Balboa Park the weekend of March 15-19 with the highlight being the Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather 2017 contest with the following winners: Ms San Diego Leather Tamanava Eden-McClintock, Mr. San Diego Leather Nathan Kendrick and San Diego Bootblack Red. Jake Ott was the Bootblack runner-up.


The contest had its first year with new producers Buster Adams and AJ Turner and they had to be pleased with the contest attendance at 300-plus.

The show was co-emceed by Empress 41 and 44 of Long Beach, Fabrique, and International Leather Sir 2003 Sir Mike Russell.

The Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather judges were International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, International Ms Leather 2016 Lascivious Jane, International Mr Leather 2016 David "Tigger" Bailey, Ms San Diego Leather 2015 Annette, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2016 Ali Mushtaq, "Go-Go Eddie" Hibbs aka Sister Erotical Psychotica and community judge Duff Roberts.

The San Diego Bootblack judging panel consisted of Mr. Long Beach Leather 2013 Marc Ransdall-Bellenger, International Mr. Bootblack 2016 Erick Joseph and International Ms Bootblack 2016 Meghan.

Friday afternoon opened things with the Leather Flag-raising ceremony in San Diego's Hillcrest district.

Friday night's meet and greet was followed by a Leather Fetish Ball. After the contestans were interviewed a group made what is hopefully a tradition-to-be to DZ Akins deli. Workshops, demos and classes went on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. An After Glow Party and Cigar Social followed the contest. A victory brunch catered by Baja Betty's saw IML 2015 Patrick Smith as the keynote speaker. Bar parties were held at the San Diego Eagle and Numbers.

The Southland Title Sisters welcomed Jae Marie, Tamanava, and Red into their Sisterhood.

Commendations by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer presented on behalf of City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez by First Heir Apparent, Imperial Crown Prince of the Americas, the Obsidian Double Dragon Emperor XL, T. Brian Dickerson (also Mr. San Diego Leather 2002) were presented to Sir Nicholas, owner of the San Diego Eagle; San Diego Bootblack 2016 Eric Audet; Ms San Diego Leather 2016 Jae Marie; Mr. San Diego Leather 2016, the 45th Elected, H.M.I.M., the Noble Red and Black Leather Hound Emperor John "Jay" Heimbach; California Drummerboy 2016 Paul Rhodes; President of SDLP5 and Mr. San Diego Leather 2006 Buster Adams; and co-owner and Producer of SDLP5, AJ Turner.

The Leather History Project had a space open all weekend with artifacts from San Diego's Leather community and beyond on display.

Several community members donated vests and Leathers to Caryl for the Leather History Project and we have plans to expand the exhibit and continue documenting our history. The extensive timeline goes back to 1973.

Buster Adams made a personal donation to the Consenting Adult Lending Library including a large trunk full of Drummer magazines and Leather/fetish/LGBT history-related books he collected at various second-hand bookstores..
Also included were signed first editions of out-of-print books and photography collections.

San Diego Leather Pride announced that it will be using some of the proceeds of the weekend to underwrite the SD Girls of Leathers' upcoming T-shirt fundraising drive and hosting a trip to the zoo for the House of Andor as a thank you for their support of the San Diego Leather Pride 2017 weekend.

San Diego Leather Pride 2018 will be held March 15-19, again at the World Beat Cultural Center. Find out more at http://www.sdleatherpride.com
San Diego's rich Leather community will also produce the Leather Realm inside the San Diego LGBT Pride festival the third weekend of July.

Photos by Dave Rhodes