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Sunday, 08 March 2015 20:05

Drummer North America debuts in Florida

Drummer North America Winners Web 350The inaugural Drummer North America (DNA) Fetish Weekend, held February 12–15 at the all-gay Flamingo Resort in St Petersburg, Florida saw Doc Hoskins Jr. of New York won the title of Drummer 2015, with Marshall Roberts of Baltimore, Maryland placing runner-up; Wouter Popelier of central Pennsylvania being named Drummerboy and Pup Scuff of Cincinnati, Ohio becoming Drummer Bootblack.
With only one contestant in each of the Drummer boy and Drummer Bootblack categories, boy Wouter and Pup Scruff were required to achieve a minimum score of 70 percent to be awarded the titles.
The judges for the Drummer and Drummerboy 2015 titles were Ms Sanctuary Leather 2014 Shae Flanigan, International Leatherboy 2002 Jose Gutierrez, International Drummerboy 2001  Mark S. Greene, Viola Johnson of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collection, Northwest Leather Sir 2009 Thom Butts, Northwest Leather Sir 2009 and International Leather  Sir 2013 George Saltzman.
The judges for Drummer Bootblack 2015 were International  Bootblack 2003  Boi Gwen Hardy, International Mr. Bootblack 2001 Paksen and International Ms Bootblack 2012 Tarna Scyanne.
Highlights of Drummer North America weekend included a frisky meet and greet featuring contestant BDSM demos, a Cigar and Brandy Social that transformed the onsite Code bar into a smoky, vintage era Leather bar mixed with modern sports kit and western cowboys, and Leather and BDSM history on display in the Carter/Johnson Leather Library exhibit room. Tented play spaces situated on the Flamingo’s Grassy Knoll created a unique outdoor men-only play area and cruising park. While there was only one bootblack contestant, more than a dozen bootblacks turned out to offer support or participate in open shine stations.

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Sunday, 08 March 2015 01:57

Leather HEAT coming to LA in April

Leather HEAT with the theme of Honorably Embracing All Tribes will be held April 17-19 in Van Nuys, California at the AirTel Hotel.

Leather HEAT 2015 will be a Leather/BDSM/Kink

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The Ms and Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2015 contest was held at the Bike Stop on Valentine’s Day - the first time the contest was held there since 2008 - and Lascivious Jane from Philadelphia, Artistic Director of the Liberty City Kings of Drag and Burlesque, who ran unopposed, was chosen as the new Ms Philadelphia Leather, and Jason, from Philadelphia, who ran against four other contenders, was chosen as the new Mr. Philadelphia Leather.

Winners’ prizes were sashes, Leather back patches, custom-fitted vests from Wolfstryker Leather, and hotel and airfare to the next International Ms Leather and International Mr. Leather contests, in which they will compete.

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The 2015 Southern California Leather Woman Contest's judging panel was comprised of all past SCLW titleholders.  Caught on video here is their performance prior to the final segment of the contest.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014 11:53

Folsom 2014 titleholders introduction

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Saturday, 04 January 2014 12:41

DC Eagle open and new location announced

DC Eagle HeaderThe dynamic nature of Washington, DC’s urban redevelopment has allowed the landlord to grant the DC Eagle yet another extension of their lease at 639 New York Avenue NW. The DC Eagle will be staying at this location though January 2014. During the weekend of Mid-Atlantic Leather the DC Eagle will be testing out their first pop-up location which is at the other end of the DC Eagle's current block - 607 New York NW, the Fringe Building.

At a time where many established Leather, gear and biker bars are closing across the globe, the DC Eagle has viewed the challenge of a location move as an opportunity to create a stable home for the DC Eagle and a destination for all members of the community. If all goes to plan the new home will be at 3701 Benning Road NE with an anticipated settlement in February 2014. After renovations and improvements, the DC Eagle management anticipate an opening in late summer of 2014.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 01:48

Pantheon of Leather Nominations Extended

Pantheon LogoThe nominations for the Pantheon of Leather Awards 2013 are now open. The Awards will be presented in Atlanta, Ga in October. Negotiations are ongoing with two hotels and the result will determine the date of DomCon: Atlanta and the Pantheon of Leather Awards 2013 presentations.

Click on Pantheon above, then hit the Nominations button and make your nominations. Please read the rules as they contain the names of those who are ineligible this year.

The schedule for this year appears below, followed by the names of the Selection Panel which will determine most of the Pantheon of Leather Awards recipients

Nominations, Balloting and Awards Presentation Schedule
April 17 - Nominations begin
June 7 - Deadline for Nominations to be submitted by the community.

June 7-20 - The Nominations Committee will have prepared Nominee Finalists in each Award Category.
July 1 - Nominee Finalists will be announced in The Leather Journal,

www.theleatherjournal.com under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets and these winners will be notified individually.
July 1-14 - Selection Panel will vote on all Award Nominees.

September 1 - Recipients the Awards will be named in The Leather Journal, www.theleatherjournal.com under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets

and these winners will be notified individually.
September 20 - Awards will be ordered from the manufacturer.
October - All Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards will be presented in Atlanta, GA.
Each Nominee Finalist will be given the opportunity to submit a biography suitable to them and that will be checked for accuracy before being submitted to the Selection Panel for voting.

Selection Panel

Sir Bear Abbott
Dan Fabrici
boy Tyler Fong
Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson
Master Chuck’s boy iain
Master Jim
Princess Kali
Daddy Jeffrey McWhirter
Lord Mercury
Ed Nicholas
OB of O Whips
Tom Pardoe
Jack Pearce
Sir Alan Penrod
Jeff Plunk
Brent Seeley
Rick Storer
Daddy Sal Susino
Ms Suzan
Justin B. Terry-Smith
Mario Torrigino
Ces Williams

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 00:07

Desert Brotherhood MC Hosts Smokeout

IMG_1901Hundreds of horny cigar men and their admirers descended upon the Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, NV the weekend of April 4-7 for Las Vegas Smokeout, produced by the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. Men travelled from far and wide with a few from the United Kingdom. There were plenty from San Francisco and undoubtedly the most scen club patch was that of Alexis Park Resort. Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, Ohio, New Mexico, Missouri, Georgia, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Utah were among the states represented and their undoubtedly were others. The weather was great, even mildly warm after midnight. This changed late on Sunday as gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour replaced the mild, balmy weather.

IMG_1860The Las Vegas Smokeout weekend centered around cigars and pipes, with so many other events included that it was impossible to attend all of them. One such excursion was to the nearby Iron Horse Tattoos shop.

The Dip Tasting Party on a grassy knoll dubbed Dipper Hill was a tobacco chewing bash with at least one volunteer spittoon whose wife beater shirt was covered with tobacco chew. While a few thought that this was too much there were plenty who loved it. After the human spittoon thing a large group went to the Las Vegas Strip for the Manhattan roller coaster ride art New York, New York.

The Desert Brotherhood's day ride to Valley of Fire State Park on Saturday, April 6. For some, this was the big event of Las Vegas Smokeout weekend. Of course, bikers and buddies were participants, but those with four-wheeled vehicles were welcome.

The Buffalo, about a quarter mile from the Alexis Park Resort, will host several bar parties. By Friday night word was going around that the Buffalo was going to close in September. Seems that the University of Nevada is expanding and has bought the land known to many as the Fruit Loop, a series of GLBT bars and other friendly establishments. It is not known if Howard, the Buffalo owner, plans to open the Buffalo at another location. The Buffalo was packed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. Bar parties went on at the Las Vegas Eagle.

There was a private Leather/Rubber/Uniform play party at Hawks Gym on Saturday night.

There were groups of parties, loosely organized, which went go on shopping tours of local cigar shops, piercing and tattoo studios. DJ and Joe from Maximus were on hand with their barbering and cigar shop. DJ celebrated his birthday on Saturday night before the sun went down with a pinata party. Two prizes went to those who found an egg inside plastic Easter Eggs that fell out when Dave Rhodes tore the pinata apart with his cane. Following this, there was a huge pipe-shaped birthday cake. There was so much cake that not event to 150 or so bears in the crowd could not eat it all. This was Maximus' 10th Anniversary.

IMG_1953 WebThe same for a variety of lunches and dinners. With all of the shows, great restaurants and buffets, many will opt for these most of the time. The Saturday sushi buffet at Yama Sushi was as busy as ever. Among other places where loosely-organized groups went for lunch or dinner were the Harley Davidson Cafe, Buca di Peppo, and the Hard Rock Cafe. The Alexis Park Resort had a good breakfast buffet for all of the hotel guests each morning.

The Alexis Park Resort also hosted a Friday night buffet that received rave revues. Many did not attend because they thought $31.50 was a lot for a dinner at that hotel so they went to places like the Bellagio, Wynn, Rio or some of the other big and famous Las Vegas buffets. When they got back to the hotel they heard word about the Alexis Park Resort's buffet.

The friendly poker party at the Alexis Park Resort on Saturday night had all table spots filled and when one player left there was always one to fill in.

IMG_1945 WebThe hospitality suite was well-staffed with volunteers and the bootblack stand was busy morning, noon and night with International Mr. Bootblack 2012 Nick Elliott, Bootpup, Scout, International Leatherboy 2012 Bamm Bamm and Bootdog taking care of boots and Leather.

Paul and John from Off Ramp Leathers had a room set up with Leather gear for sale.

The men from the Utah Rebellion were back to host their wild cocktail parties. In the past, the Utah Rebellion partied in their own suite. This year the parties were held in the hospitality suite and near the pool. Less that half the usual Utah crowd was there and those missing were some of the most popular guys at Smokeout every year.

IMG_1908 WebEveryone was off to their bergs already longing for Smokeout 2014. Of course many wonder what will become of the Buffalo. Will it reopen at another location, and if so, how far will it be from the Alexis Park Resort? One thing is a given though - most of those who attended this year will return. Smokeout has a high recidivism rate.

Thank you Bulldog and the men of the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club for all of the years of producing Las Vegas Smokeout. The nature of your city with its great casinos, restaurants and shows are one thing that makes it possible, but it is your brotherthood that makes it work.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 00:00

United Fetishists Long Beach Newly-Formed

United Fetishists Long Beach Play Party PreparationUnited Fetishists Long Beach (UFLB) is a new fetish organization serving the community of Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Long Beach Leather 2010 Alex Kitay, a top 20 finalist for IML 2011, saw a need in his community and decided to do something about it. He began communicating with different kinky folk and found a core group of people willing to stand behind his vision of a community driven group whose mission it would be to educate, mentor, work in social and service capacities and hold charity events.

UFLB is on the brink of obtaining their 501(c)(3) status and have recently joined with the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach CALB in an effort to expand upon their mission. Part of the group’s goal will be to build bridges between the wide factions of the community to help support, understand, and in some cases heal each other.

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