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The Heart of the Flag Federation (HOTFF) announced that Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 first runner-up Jeremy Feist, Toronto Leather Pride 2015 Fellowship Award recipient, and Mr. Black Eagle 2016, took on the title of Mr. Leatherman Toronto following the recent resignation of Brandon Michael Lee who stepped down for personal reasons.
Jeremy's first official public role as the Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 titleholder will be co-hosting Toronto Bound, scheduled for February 12-14, at The 519 Community Centre, with the other HOTFF titleholders, MsLT 2016 Shahrazad and Toronto Puppy 2016 Pup Benny.

Jeremy Feist is a kinky Swiss Army Knife, ready for whatever you can throw at him. He created and hosts The New Wave, an educational event for new and young people interested in Kink. He can also be found at Northbound Leather, where he works as a salesperson and consultant. He’s also co-host of Kink 101, a Black Eagle Kennel Klub pup, a Second City graduate, and a bootblack at the Black Eagle Toronto.

For more information on the Heart of the Flag Federation and dates of events check out http://www.hotfftoronto.com


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Thursday, 07 January 2016 16:39

Ms Bullet Leather 2016 is Tuesday Niles


The first Ms Bullet Leather title went to Tuesday Niles on Saturday night, December 19 in a bar packed to the rafters. Cyn Duby was the runner-up.

Ms Sanctuary Leather 2015 Moon O'Neal was the emcee.

The judging panel included International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Bullet Leather 2015 Esteban Bartolo, So Cal Leatherwoman 2015 slave bren, Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt and So Cal Bootblack.

The LA Sisters of Perpetual performed a blessing.

Several people were pinned into Mama's Family including Bullet Bar owner Michael Lara, Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce, Manual Ramirez and Master George.

Tuesday Niles will compete in the Ms Los Angles Leather contest this month along with Ms Sanctuary Leather 2016 Scarlett Sin.

A meet and greet was held on Friday night at the Bullet Bar and a victory barbecue at the same place on Sunday afternoon. All of the events during Ms Bullet Leather 2016 were well-attended and there was plenty of support from the men's Leather community. Leatherfolk from San Diego made the trip.

For more information on the Bullet Bar and its events see http://www.bulletbarla.com



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Great Lakes Olympus Leather Contest Winners

By boy John Schmitt
The 2016 Great Lakes Olympus Leather and Great Lakes Power Exchange Contests were held November 7 at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, IN where Rhea became Ms Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2016, and Kevin and kate were chosen to be Mr. and Ms Great Lakes Power Exchange 2016.

Contest Producer boy John announced the Mactep accepted the title of Mr. Great Lakes Olympus 2016.

The judges were MS Great Lakes Olympus Leather Ms Tammy, 2015 Great Lakes Power Exchange Niki, Great Lakes Leather Sir 2013 Sir Papa Behr and owner of Abraided Leather Shane, artist and contestant handler Andi, Scarlett O'Hairy from the Bag Ladies, Indiana Leather Sir 2013 and past Indiana Leather Boy Brent.

The emcees were 2015 Power Exchange Sir Travis, 2015 Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather Mactep and Tri State Pup 2015 Pup Spaz.


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Scarlett Sin bested Mary Connolly to win the Ms Sanctuary Leather title and Michael Morales earned the required amount of points to be named Mr. Sanctuary Leather on Saturday night, December 5 at the Sanctuary Studios LAX in Lennox, CA.
Ms Sanctuary Leather 2015 Moon O’Neal served as the emcee.

The contest opened with a blessing by the Los Angeles House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The judging panel was headed by Ms So Cal Leather 2015 slave bren, Ms Sanctuary Leather 2014 Shae Flanigan, Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2014 Alpha Zigzag, The Leather Journal publisher and editor Dave Rhodes, So Cal slave 2014 Indigo Black and Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2015 Matthew Mullins.

A meet and greet was held on Friday night at Pistons bar in Long Beach and a victory barbecue closed things out at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood on Sunday afternoon.

Moon O’Neal will compete for Ms. los angeles Leather 2016 and Michael Morales will vie for Mr. los angeles Leather 2016. Upon completing his year as Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2015, Prometheus was presented his los angeles Band of Brothers patch and Moon O'Neal was inducted into the Southland Leather Title Sisters in a similar ceremony.

Of course there was a Mama's Family photo shoot.

For more information on the Sanctuary Studios LAX check out http://www.sanctuarylax.com




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By Thornton J. Young

The team behind the Fourth Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend (ACLFW), led by Sir Steven Parker, has been working hard at planning and coordinating all the moving parts for the event being held February 5-7 at Fitzgerald's Bar and Live Music in San Antonio, TX.

“I really want to make this year something everyone can enjoy, regardless of their kink," Parker said in his home just north of San Antonio proper. “My goal since the very beginning has been about developing three key

things within the local community: to create an event that provides inclusion, acceptance, and exposure to all sorts of kinks and fetishes."

After winning Mr. 3rd Coast Leather in 2012, Sir Steven wanted to bring the Leather community to San Antonio in a way that it hadn’t been before. When he started the event, he felt there wasn’t really a place that welcomed

all groups, and in 2013 during the first ACLFW he was pleasantly surprised to see people come out of the woodwork and participate.

That first year had humble beginnings, with an emphasis on education in different areas of kink, and small but excited turnout. The buzz around the event proved that there was a need for a place where people could learn, but Sir Steven didn’t stop there. The following year he added the Mr. Alamo City Leather contest, now entering its 3rd year. An addition to the event that premieres this year is the Alamo City Bootblack title.

“I wanted to be able to provide bootblacks an outlet to compete locally, and a way to hone their skills. Also, it is a way for them to display their passion for the art of bootblacking. It is all about raising awareness and status within the subculture locally."

That doesn’t mean that people don’t come from all around the country. The evidence is in the swelling number of attendees. Last year, ACLFW reported the largest number in attendance yet, and they are preparing for even more people to come through this year.

While aspects of the weekend have been changed and improved, one thing has remained constant – the desire for education to be a large purpose of the event.

“Friday night is all about having fun and being sexy, letting your kink show in a place where there is no judgment,  and where someone might see something and say ‘hey, that looks kind of interesting.’ Saturday provides people with the chance to learn more about kinks and fetishes they might not know about, and also expand their knowledge about the things they are into."

Classes include things like electroplay, mummification, flogging, submission, and other areas that many find interesting. They are set up so that those who are new to kink and Leather can learn the basics, and those who are more advanced can learn something from a different class. Offering the option as to which class to watch has always been important, so multiple classes are happening at the same time, giving everyone a chance to take away something new.

Through education, ACLFW hopes to bring all the communities together, including the communities that might normally separate themselves across the lines of sexual preference. The event is open to all sexual identities; be it straight, gay, pansexual, transgender, or any other self-identification.

“A large part of the weekend is about networking. Getting out and meeting people in your community, as well as those you might not normally socialize with. This is a way to build healthy relationships between people. Not behind a computer screen, or an app, but rather face-to-face. I think that is really important in the steps to understanding and accepting each other."

This mission will be carried on by the creation of a 501(c)(3), the Alamo City Leather and Fetish Workshop. The purpose of the group will be to continue education throughout the year, provide a group for safe and accepting play parties, and to strengthen the sense of unity between the kink communities within San Antonio.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to two benefactors:; Project HOT and the Leather Heart Foundation. Project HOT is an HIV awareness organization in Alamo City that is also working on bringing a PrEP clinic to San Antonio. The Leather Heart Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to individuals of all sexual orientations within the Leather, BDSM, M/s and fetish communities.

“Really, it’s about getting everyone together, celebrating our kinks, having a blast, and doing some good while doing it."

For tickets and more information, including host hotel and event location, or to apply for Mr. Alamo City Leather or Alamo City Bootblack visit http://www.aclfw.org



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Monday, 21 December 2015 20:33

Mr. CMEN Leather is Rick Boehle


By Rob Silver
Rick Boehle, from los angeles, California won the title of Mr. CMEN Leather 2015 at CMEN's West Coast Gathering in Malibu on September 10. Randy Dieter, from Polk City, Florida, was the runner-up. The 2015 Gathering marked the organization's 20th Anniversary.

Rick has actively volunteered as part of West Coast Gathering leadership for the last decade. He is looking forward to representing CMEN at local Leather community events and plans to compete in the International Mr. Leather contest in May 2016.

The judging panel was composed of all former Mr. CMEN Leather winners including Head Judge Mr. CMEN Leather 2004 Mark Lager, Mr. CMEN Leather 2009 Danny Brookshire, Mr. CMEN Leather 2013 Gordon Kirk, Mr. CMEN Leather 2013.

Mr. CMEN Leather 2003 Rob Silver served as emcee.

California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy naturism.

CMEN's West Coast Gathering is the largest naturist event for gay and bisexual men on the West Coast. This 10-day event takes place in the Malibu hills each September and features outdoor recreation, social activities, seminars, workshops and evening entertainment. Activities allow men to have fun together, share their interests and develop new friendships. First held in October 1999, the West Coast Gathering has grown to draw 400 to 450 male naturists each year from throughout North America, the Pacific Islands, and Europe.

CMEN also hosts smaller naturist gatherings in Northern California and Tennessee, and other naturist recreation and social events in the greater los angeles area throughout the year.

For more information visit http://www.CMEN.info


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By Joe Barlow

Eric Alden of Boston, MA walked away with the Mr. New England Leather title in Provincetown, MA on Saturday night, November 21, thus becoming the third man to hold this title.

First runner-up was Jonathan of Boston and second runner-up was Sir Rick of Provincetown. Six men competed.

The Mr. New England Leather judging panel consisted of Mr. New England Leather 2015 Dalton Flint, Jon Krongaard, Sister Rosetta Stone, Harry Harkins, George Peet and Hector Aponte.

Encompassing the weekend of November 20-22, Weekend featured a fireside chat with International Mr. Leather founder Chuck Renslow, a New England-focused exhibit by the Leather Archives & Museum, several social, dinner and bar events and of course the Mr. New England Leather 2016 competition.
Eric will compete at International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were on hand and were instrumental in helping to raise $1,200 for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod throughout the weekend.

Joe Barlow, co-owner of Full Kit Gear, produced the Mr. New England Leather Weekend.
Photos and a full list of sponsors are available at http://www.MrNewEnglandLeather.com

Photos by Jim Maciel


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By David Shover

The weekend of November 6-8 was alive in Baltimore, MD with COMMAND MC's 27th Anniversary Run (Corps Of Mem Making A Noticeable Difference Motorcycle Club) and the 2016 Mr. Maryland Leather contest.

The 27th Anniversary Run began with a cocktail party hosted by the former Mr. Maryland titleholders.  A tradition that began several years ago that helps to welcome Leathermen and Leatherwomen as they arrive for the weekend.

During the weekend there were cocktail parties hosted by the ShipMates of Baltimore, Baltimore Eagle, Leatherboys of MD,  and Bears, Bikers and Mayhem.

On Friday night there was a meet and greet party at The Loft where everyone gathered to meet the Mr. Maryland Leather contestants and the contest staff and socialize with old and new Leather friends.

Saturday was filled with excitement of the 2016 Mr. Maryland Leather contest. The annual Silent Auction was set up in Grand Central, the new venue of the Mr. Maryland Leather contest.

The judges begun their job earlier that day with the contestant interviews and community service portion of the contest.

The judges were Mr. Michigan Leather 2014 Chuck Braidwood, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014 David DeBlase, Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2013 Jim KZ, Mr. Touche' 1982 Mike McDonald, International Mr. Leather 2014 Ramien Pierre, Paul E. Treadway, III and Ms New Jersey Leather 2014 Nikki Wireman.

After an incredible contest, held at Grand Central in Mount Vernon, VA, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015 Greg King passed the title on to Eli Fishburne IV (AKA Eli Onyx) of Hyattsville, Maryland, a member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic.

The runner-up was 28 year-old Jake Rokker who also was awarded the David Allen Brotherhood Award.

King received a loud ovation which recognized his successful year with the title Mr. Maryland Leather stage manager Buz Norwood was presented COMMAND MC's Leather Person of the Year Award.

After the conclusion of the Mr. Maryland Leather contest back at the host Wyndham Peabody Court  Hotel, attendees enjoyed a formal Leather cocktail hour and the annual COMMAND MC Anniversary dinner before heading to Leon's / Steampunk for the Victory Party to celebrate with MML 2016.

The weekend was filled with the excitement of seeing old friends and making new Leather friends.

For more details check out http://www.commandmc.org

Founded in 1988, the COMMAND Motorcycle Club serves to promote the Leather lifestyle in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas. COMMAND MC supports the community financially, sponsor the Mr. Maryland Leather contest, regular bar nights and exclusive social events, raise money and awareness for gay-related charities and coordinate with other Leather Clubs and non profit organizations that service the GLBT and HIV/AIDS community of the Baltimore/Washington, DC are.

Note, Bears, Bikers and  Mayhem VI will be held March 31 - April 3 in Gettysburg, PA. This is a growing event that is not to be missed.



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Jeffrey Gummibärchen was chosen to be Mr. International Rubber 2016 in Chicago, IL the weekend of November 6-8. First runner-up was Ferel Jack and second runner-up was Tom. Six men competed.

The contest was emceed by Teri Yaki who has been a staple of the Chicago Boystown scene for over 10 years now.

The judges were Brian Conway, Reid Dalgeish, Steve Dupont, David Merrill, Greg Osko, Scott Turner and Mr. International Rubber 2015 Max Samauth.

The tally masters were Justin Herren and Luis Tipantasig.

Among events held during Mr. International Rubber 2016 were a vendor market, Rubber Club Summit, Recovery in Gear and Lubed Up Latex Wrestling.

Mr. International Rubber will celebrate its 20th Anniversary November 4-6 and a big bash is planned. To see the Mr. International Rubber gallery or find out more go to



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Los Angeles Puppy Pride weekend - Arroooooooo



By Matthew Mullins

The first los angeles Pup Contest happened in mid-November and gave los angeles its first pup titleholder since 2004. The winner, Ryan "Pup Zero" Evanshowled alongside, first runner-up Morgan Gregory (Pup Asher) and second runner-up Mark Laraway (Pup Nero), while the audience that packed the Bullet Bar roared with delight and excitement.

November 12-15, The City of Angels was given its first los angeles Puppy Pride weekend, and it was a smash hit. Puppies and handlers from all over the US, came to the inaugural four-day celebration. The first Class of los angeles Pup in order of the number draw included Thomas Wright (Pup Blu), William Carter (Pup Cosmo), Johnny Angel (Pup Jax), Ryan Evans (Pup Zero), Morgan Gregory (Pup Asher), and Mark Laraway (Pup Nero).

The judging panel had pups and handlers from all over the US, including Jefferson Tugger, Jay Heimbach, Don Mike, Justin Oliver Hartman, Amp Somers, and the lead judge was Pug Moliski.

On Thursday night, the weekend began with a documentary about a remarkable pup, Tim Hamilton, who was one of the first international pup title holders. The film outlined Tim and his historical journey to International Puppy in 2002. Following the treasured opus, Pup Tim, Don Mike, and Pup Pug gave a detailed account of the pup scene back during the filming. The night was informative and intimate. The panel was visibly emotional from the screening and inspirational to the new generation of pups. Everyone learned some important facts from the history of the pup community in los angeles.

On Friday night, the Bullet Bar was standing-room only. A smash hit event, Dog Pound, had taken hold of the bar and the amount of people who came to support LA Pup was astonishing. The 2015 LA Pup class was selling raffle tickets like mad, and prizes were awarded from Oxballs, Volgur, Spunk Lube, Tykables, and Rough Trade. It seemed that the night was in full swing as the contestants drew their numbers, then headed off to mosh in the largest mosh pit in los angeles.

On Saturday night, the tension and excitement reverberated through the the walls of the Bullet Bar and the LA Pup Class of 2015 had the full attention of the audience. Jordan Frink and Moon O'Neal were the emcees, alongside producers Dan Lovell and Matthew Mullins. The contestants answered a funny question and a serious question, acted out a puppy scene with a mystery object, and ended with very emotionally-driven speeches. The crowd was on the edge of their seats while the tally master added the votes.

Matthew Mullins and Dan Lovell awarded Pup Tim with the first Legendary Pup Award. They also awarded Michael Lara and Cyn Duby a special Skullbit Award for their dedication to the event. Before the announcement of the winner of LA Pup,  Dan Lovell danced with each pup on stage, while the audience clapped and became raucous. Pup Zero claimed the gold to a thunderous applause. It was history in the making and it is obvious that los angeles has a home for LA Pup.




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Mr. Leather 64 TEN 2016 coming in March


The Mr. Leather 64 TEN 2016 contest will be held March 11-16 at the Jackhammer in Chicago, IL and is sponsored by Leather64TEN.

Mr. Leather 64 TEN 2015 Michael Pacas will serve as the head judge. The rest of the judging panel will be named soon.

The emcees will be slave Travis and Todd Davidson. Davidson is a past Mr. Chicago Leather.

Funds raised during Mr. Leather 64 TEN 2016 Weekend will be split between the Leather Archives and Museum, located only about two blocks from Leather64TEN.

The fun starts on Friday at 8 PM with a meet and greet followed by a dance at the Jackhammer.

Saturday will see the contest doors open at 9:00 PM, contest starts at 10:00 PM at the Jackhammer followed by a VIP party in The Hole below the Jackhammer.

Sunday's victory party is titled Cotton Tea Dance and will be hosted by Christian Andrew.

The winner will compete at International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May.

For more information check out http://www.Leather64TEN.com or phone (773) 508-0900.


Article Amended to correct title name and event start times. The previous version also erroneously stated that Mr. Leather 64 TEN 2015 Michael Pacas was the first to hold this title.


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Friday, 04 December 2015 14:06

Mr. and Ms Iowa Leather draws record crowd


The new Ms Iowa Leather is Tink Harvey of Des Moines, IA and Mr. Iowa Leather is Rob Anderson of The Quad Cities.

Held October 9-12 in Des Moines, Iowa Leather Weekend saw record attendance. With over 600 people at the contest and 1,700 attendees for the weekend, it was Iowa Leather Weekend’s biggest year yet.

Events and attractions featured during Iowa Leather Weekend included an inclusive community spectrum: Superhero Gear Night, a Smoke-Out/Grill-Out, Rubbermen Invasion, Power of the Pussy Party, Bear’tails and the Thrive Jockstrap Party.

In addition to the socials and cocktail events, Iowa Leather Weekend featured a series of KINK U workshops and demonstrations sponsored by Titans of the Midwest, a Littles Party, a Bootblack Lounge and a Pup Mosh sponsored by the North Star Kennel Club.

Eight contestants competed. For Mr. Iowa Leather, James Sargent of Des Moines was first runner-up and Anthony, Sivanthaphanith of Iowa City was second runner-up. For Ms Iowa Leather, Murph McDaniel Sousa of Omaha was the runner-up.

The judging panel included IML 1994 Jeff Tucker, founder/owner of Le Chateau Exotique Joyce Rubin Berger, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2013 Sir Robert Miller, IML 2012 Woody Woodruff, Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2009 Cowboi Jen, Mr. Iowa Leather 2015 Rob Kreisinger-Denk and Ms Iowa Leather 2015 Lucket Kiche.

Den Daddy was Jon Jack Trujillo, Den Mother was IMsL 2013 Sarha Shaubach, Tally Masters were Randolph KMA and American Leatherboy 2013 Tank Teachworth, and Contest Bootblack was International Mr. Bootblack first runner-up Zach Bellman.

Iowa Leather Weekend sponsors were The Blazing Saddle, The Garden Nightclub, Buddy’s Corral, Oxballs USA, Corn Haulers Levi and Leather Club, Le Chateau Exotique, NYC Leather Man, Fort Troff, Twin Cities Leather and Latte, Studio 13, Titans of the Midwest, Atons of Minneapolis, North Star Kennel Club, Minnesota Leather Pride, Leatherati, The Imperial Court of Iowa, CIPEX Mischief in May, Doll Distributing, Everett Allen Photography, Pjur Lubricants, Leatherati, Pride Sports League, The Dunes Resort, CLAW, Capital City Pride, and Great Lakes Den.

Host hotel reservations and weekend packages for Iowa Leather Weekend, October 14-16, 2016 are on sale now at http://www.iowaleatherweekend.com

Contributors to this article include Mark Turnage, Jeremy Morris and Rob Anderson


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Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) produced yet another Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest on Saturday, October 31 at the Palm Springs Convention Center on the Grand Concourse during Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend with Mr. Hot Rodeo Chris Durbin being best among six men competing.

First runner-up was Mr. Off Ramp Leathers Steve Juneau and second runner-up was Mr. Chill Leather James Bork.

Palm Springs Leather Pride emcee Lenny Broberg was back and announced the winners. The Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus opened the night with the Star Spangle Banner and they also serenaded Lenny later in the contest.

The judging panel included Esteban Bartholo, Randy Carmenaty, Randall “Bear Man” Klett, Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt, International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015 Clifton Tatum and Dan Woodward.

The three remaining contestant were Mr. Tool Shed Leather Jeff Maxwell, Mr. Barracks Leather Mark Austin and Mr. Copa Palm Springs Leather Aaron Jones.

Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015 Clifton Tatum's step down speech included thank you's to many who were there for him and was a recount of all of the fundraising he did in his title year.

He announced a goal of $20,000 raised last year when he won and he attained it. Mock checks were presented to all of the charities that received funds.

International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith delivered a rousing speech which can be read in its entirety by clicking on Uganda.

Jim Neuman was presented his President's Award from Pantheon of Leather founder Dave Rhodes and being as loved as he is in Palm Springs for his community service he received a loud standing ovation.

The weekend started with a Meet and Greet at Hunters Nightclub on Thursday night where people could get their registration.

A clothing-optional pool party hosted by the Clifton Tatum was the event of Friday afternoon at InnExile.

The Formal Leather Dinner at the Palm Springs Hilton in the Horizon Ballroom was first class all the way. Great atmosphere, service, company and the Chicken and beef were terrific. Those who opted for meat got two regular-sized portions.

The Tool Shed/PSLOD Vendor Market and Back Lot Cruise Party went on Friday and Saturday nights with some 5,000 Leatherfolk passing the gate each night.

On Saturday afternoon the 'Gar and Gear Party/Barbecue at The Barracks bar was packed.

The Victory Leather/Fetish Dance Party at The Barracks followed the contest, and once again, the bar was full.

The Turning up the Heat Pool Party/Barbecue and Soaked T-shirt Contest. Clifton Tatum and the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather Chris Durbin were on hand. There was no shortage of hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, bright sunshine and hot men.

Jim Neuman hosted another huge party with the California B&B Corps at his Casa Lola in North Palm Springs on Sunday afternoon. Virtually every Leather dignitary was there including Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt. Plenty of food and an open bar.

The Official Closing Party at The Barracks.

The Palm Springs Leather Pride staff includes Chair of Palm Springs Leather Pride Skip Mlaker, the Board of Directors and the membership of the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Contest co-producers Drew Kramer and Dave Murdock, tally master, Karen Rakow Atkins, judges coordinator, Skip Mlaker and contestant coordinator, Todd Parker, emcee Lenny Broberg and ASL interpreter Michael Klynn. Leo Newcomb is the President of PSLOD.

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert at http://www.pslod.org is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere for growth and support of the Leather Lifestyle while nourishing a sense of sister/brother hood and camaraderie within the organization and the community, and to raise funds for deserving projects, clubs, organizations, defense funds or charities which have given direct or indirect support to the Leather community or to the GLBT community at large.

Many snowbirds and Leatherfolk from Southern California hung around for Palm Springs Gay Pride, November 6-8. Jim Neuman hosted another huge party at his Casa Lola in North Palm Springs on Sunday afternoon. Those who stayed were treated to a fabulous parade and festival which saw some 100,000 GLBT people in the crowd and a festival with approximately 75 vendors and information booths. All of the city's bars, shops and restaurants benefited. It was noted that Palm Springs population is not 57 percent LGBT. Every year this number seems to increase. Attend next year to find out why.


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Centaur MC names Mid Atlantic Leather judges


By Patrick Grady

The Centaur Motorcycle Club announced the judges and tally masters for the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016 contest to held in Washington, DC the weekend of January 15-18.

Once again, the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20001 will serve as the host hotel where Leather Cocktails will be held on Saturday night and the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016 contest on Sunday afternoon.

Chief Judge Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2015 Daddy David Gerard will be joined by International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, International Mr. Leather 2015 Seattle Mr. Leather 1998 Billy Lane, Mr. Eagle New York City 2014 Cee Jay, Mr. Eagle New York City 2014, Mr. Rock Bear 2015 John-John, American Leatherwoman 2000 Paula Smith and Mr. Leather Europe 2012 Kilker Alcaraz.

The tally masters will be Mr. New Jersey Leather 2015 Thomas Fincannon and International Mr. Puppy 2014 Pup Tripp.

Perhaps the main event of Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend is Leather Cocktails which will be held on Saturday night. The Centaurs put out one of the best food spreads and the formal Leather affair is not to be missed. Those who have attended Leather Cocktails before already know.

There will be many unofficial events including play parties hosted by SigMa at their clubhouse, bar parties at the Green Lantern and the recently re-opened DC Eagle.

In 2011, the Bootblacks were re-introduced to Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend and they will be there again in January. Since 2011, the Bootblacks have raised $9,828 – Half of which has gone to the Mr. MAL Travel fund and the other half to support a local charity.

The Weekend also includes official events organized by Centaur MC, that include a bustling Leather Exhibit Hall open Friday and Saturday, and a Sunday brunch before the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016 contest.

Information on events, registration, and guest room accommodations can be found at http://www.leatherweekend.com


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Thursday, 19 November 2015 11:54

Mr. ICON Detroit Leather is Jason Black

By Jeffrey Hart

Mr. ICON Detroit Jason Black. Photo by Jeffrey Hart

Jason Black was named Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2016 at the New Menjo’s Complex October 16-18.

This was the inaugural ICON Detroit Leather Weekend which had had two very strong contestants vied.

Jason Black from Waterford, Michigan will go on to represent Detroit in the International Mr. Leather 2016 contest held in Chicago in May.

The Mr. ICON Detroit Leather contest featured a Friday night meet and greet hosted by ICON Detroit with Josh Fortuna’s The Leather Project, A Second Skin in the ICON Lounge letting people try on Leather, see how it feels and to ask questions. Also in the ICON Lounge was The Silence Shoot on hand to help take a stance against Bullying and Suicide. Saturday night featured the contest and the annual ICON Brother Basket Auction to help raise funds for ICON Detroit’s three charities: Mr. Friendly, AIDS Partnership Michigan, and the Ruth Ellis Center. Then Sunday the Men of ICON Detroit Hosted a Victory lunch in Jason’s honor.

The judges were ICON Detroit Founder ALLEYCAT, ICON Detroit, Mr. Tri State Leather 2014 Brian Bolt Donner, Michigan Leather Sir 2009 Sir Merrill, Mr. Michigan Leather 2015 Josh Fortuna, and ICON Detroit Club President Martino.

The weekend was emceed by Mr. Michigan Leather 2013 Steven Teets and CLAW Party Coordinator Boy Kevin.

Event Sponsors included CLAW, Menjo’s, Dunes Resort - Mr. Dunes Leather Contest, Salon Danielle, NOIR Leather, Tri-State Leather Weekend and MML Weekend.


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