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Sunday, 14 February 2016 11:07

Sir Alan Penrod passes on January 14, 2016


Sir Alan Penrod of Atlanta, GA was reported dead on January 14 due to medical emergency.

A Celebration of Life was held for Sir Alan at the Atlanta Eagle on the evening of Saturday, January 30. A You Tube video was posted on Facebook with Sir Alan's partner Nitro Hankinson speaking by Stefan Shagwell.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCl0SQAr_kI&feature=youtu.be There are additional segments of video of several community leaders eulogizing Sir Alan videographed by Stefan Shagwell.

On Sunday afternoon, January 24, friends and family gathered for a service at H.M. Patterson & Son – Spring Hill Chapel in Midtown to pay their respects to Sir Alan.

This bio for Sir Alan was entered for a recent Pantheon of Leather Award nomination for him: International Leather Sir 2011 Sir Alan began his journey into the Leather and BDSM lifestyle nearly two decades ago while living in South Florida. He began exploring the heavier side of BDSM in 1996 while in his first recognized DOM/sub relationship. Alan moved to Atlanta in 2004 and was an active member of Atlanta’s Leather, BDSM, and Fetish communities. Alan was a full member and past President of Panther L/L club and the co-founder of the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. He co-owned and produced the Southeast Black and Blue Weekend and co-produced Atlanta Leather Pride. Alan held the titles of International LeatherSIR 2011, Southeast LeatherSIR 2011 and Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2009. Sir Alan shared his life with his two collared boys: pup nitro and boy david. He facilitated classes and demos on a wide variety of BDSM topics including corporal punishment, whips, stun guns, hot wax mummification, CBT, clothes pins and clamps, and cigar play. Alan and Nitro received the Pantheon of Leather 2015 Couple of the Year Award.

Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on January 21, "Dr. Michael 'Alan' Penrod was born May 27, 1963 and was called home on January 14, 2016. He was a lifelong teacher, helper, humanitarian, and would do anything for his friends and extended family with a smile from ear to ear. He is survived by his partner((s) two partners Nitro Hankinson and David Robinson...), amazing family, and friends that always surrounded him."

I have never heard one negative word or even a hint of one about Sir Alan. He was the epitome of a Southern gentleman. His partner Nitro is the same. Someone like Sir Alan does not come along often and they are hard to replace.

Upon arrival Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC to attend Mid Atlantic Leather I received word of Sir Alan's passing. It was stunning news that no one was expecting.

So loved around not only by the local Leather community, Leatherfolk attended the Celebration of Life from around the country. One even gave a fitting tribute to Sir Alan by buying him a permanent light on the San Francisco Bay Bridge project in his honor.



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Monday, 08 February 2016 16:26

Southwest Master/slave contest winners



The Southwest Master/slave contest winners were Master Orpheus Black and slave Indigo Black, and Southwest Bootblack Xiaoyi, taking their titles during the Southwest Leather Conference at the Four Points Sheraton in Phoenix the weekend of January 21-24.

The highlights of the Southwest Leather Conference were the Dance of Souls, Carter/Johnson Leather Library exhibit and awards brunch.

The Southwest Leather Conference also featured a wealth of workshops, panels, and discussion groups, Our Place room for rituals and meditation, a community-sponsored hospitality suite, nightly dungeons and a bootblack lounge.

International Mr. Bootblack 2012 Nick Elliott returned as emcee of the Friday and Saturday evening celebrations.

The judges were the target of the man from Vancouver, BC with a British accent. Each night he had pop questions for each one of them as they were introduced.

Master Orpheus Black and slave Indigo Black competed under the Southern California Master and slave title. The other contestant team, Master Shado and slave Neeka, are from Colorado. Orpheus and Indigo, and Xiaoyi will compete at International Master and slave in 2017 in Dallas, TX.

The judges were Patrick Mulcahey, slave Jazz, Douglas Connors, Sir Cougar, Master Trish and Allena Gabosch.

The lone Southwest Bootblack contestant, Xiaoyi, received enough points to win the title.

The Southwest Bootblack judges were Gabriel Majors, Marta, Sarge, Tyesha Best and Bootdog.

Southwest Master Orpheus Black

Orpheus Black is a published author and erotic educator specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships and extreme sexual encounters. This two-time Bawdy Storytelling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and light-hearted educational events for more than a decade. Orpheus is a regular presenter at DomCon: LA and is the founder of Cirque de Sade - a high profile group of Dominants whose mission is to advance the art of BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and active leadership in the D/s, M/s, and fetish communities.

Southwest slave Indigo Black

Indigo Black, wife and property of Sir Orpheus Black, has been not only a sub and slave to Orpheus, but also his lifelong companion and inspiration. Her journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle began when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000. Like Orpheus, Indigo got her start co-hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hotspots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly, to name just a few. During this journey, indigo was not only an amazing bottom and submissive, but also an invaluable asset behind the scenes. Recently she participated in the Tyrant Thinks podcast together with Orpheus and his co-host Recks Robert interviewing people from all different aspects of the fetish world. Currently she co-hosts the Orpheus Black Show every Sunday afternoon on Chocolate Radio.


Xiaoyi is a slave at heart and a bootblack at large. She teaches about consensual slavery, bootblacking, BDSM, relationships, poly, and many other topics. She is most fulfilled in a 24/7 TPE style relationship and is poly-play and omni-sensual. Xiaoyi loves Leather, Leather, costuming, pain, and protocols. She flags orange and Leather Worship. Xiaoyi earned her BA from MSU in Chinese Culture and Lore. Her mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people for each to learn and grow and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification. She serves her community before herself. She is a lifestyle coach and mentor who openly shares of her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

For more about Southwest Leather Conference activities, visit http://www.southwestleather.org



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Sunday, 07 February 2016 10:20

Bar Raid At Alamo Leather Contest

Edit by Vonn Tramel 3:48pm 2/7/16: Dave Rhodes and I have spoken with Event Producer Steven Parker, who informed me that "TABC told me during their "raid" that we (the event) did nothing wrong and they were going after the bar."

/end edit Original Post:

Attendees of The 2016 Alamo Leather Contest will certainly never forget!

lawna and lips at mad marlinLate Saturday evening, at approximately 1030, just a few minutes prior to the announcement of The Alamo Leather Contest’s Winners bar staff swept through the Mad Marlin’s basement and parking lot. They were instructing customers in the basement to finish their drinks and instructed to dump their drinks if they were in the parking lot. Soon thereafter contest producers abruptly announced Mr. Alamo Leather 2016 Shawn Fox and Alamo Bootblack 2016 Sugar Bear.

At this time the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and San Antonio Police Department proceeded to raid the north side establishment. It was announced at the beginning of the raid that persons with faces not matching their photo ID could be ticketed and or arrested. Members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the event’s emcee bolted from the establishment.

The neighborhood watering hole has been described by Website My San Antonio as a fun, unpretentious addition to the neighborhood who is valiantly trying to set itself apart. According to International Ms Olympus Leather 2016 boo, “that describes the bar, its owner and management to the Tee”. She went on describing the bar as completely accepting of all folks just wanting people to have a good time. “The bartenders were asked to dress in fetish wear and seemed to have fun with the evening. During an auction for Project H.O.T. An HIV outreach program, the bars owners announced that they would match each bid.

We do not yet know if, any arrests were made or if this raid was related to an incident in December during which a young man and a young woman were shot after an incident occurred in the parking lot at the bar.  We have reached out to both the bar and San Antonio information officers, but do not have any more information at this time.


Update can be found here



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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 15:55

Drummer North America heats up Las Vegas



The second Drummer North America (DNA) held January 28-31 at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada saw Thomas John emerge as Mr. Drummer North America 2016 and Dan Gurule named North America Drummerboy 2016 in front of a crowd close to 300.

Thomas traveled to Las Vegas as Mid Atlantic Drummer 2015 while Dan who lives in Kansas City arrived as Missouri Valley Drummerboy 2015

The Mr. Drummer runner-up was Paulo Batista from San Diego, CA and the Drummerboy runner-up was Billy Seablom. There were six Drummer contestants and five Drummerboy competitors.

There was to be a Drummer North America Bootblack. There were no contestants for that title. Bootblacking was part of the weekend with several bootblacks kept busy.

Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 1993 and emcee extraordinaire Frank Nowicki emceed the weekend.

The judging panel included International Mr. Drummer 1989 Brian Dawson, Ms Alameda County 2009 Deborah Hoffman-Wade, American Leatherman Aaron Duke, Leather Uniform Club Las Vegas founding president Marcus Christenson and Great Lakes Bootblack 2008 Trooper Long.

The tally masters were Andy Liu and Henry Sabia.

“DNA weekend rekindles the Drummer tradition of self-identified masculinity. The weekend is a celebration of gay masculinity, whether it is expressed in leather or sports gear or fetishes, at a joyful family reunion where history is honored and diversity respected,” says Master Mike Zuhl, co-owner of DNA.

Highlights of DNA fetish weekend will include a meet and greet featuring contestant demos, the Top Men’s Cigar, Bourbon and Scotch Social, hospitality suites, the Top Men’s Club educational series of interactive workshops, both men’s and queer play spaces, open shine bootblacking stations, Women of Drummer social events, the HypnotiXXX comedy hypnosis show.

Workshops included Rope Bondage to Shibari by Sir Joel, Flogging by Sir James Keohane, Single Tail Whip Play by Sir George Saltzman and CBT: Using and Abusing the Family Jewels by Master Tony Palazzo.

While The Leather Journal was unable to be there, our spies had things to report.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt was there and that meant, of course, more babies added to Mama's Family and a Mama's Family photoshoot. Queer Leather Alliance president Alex Conley was one of those pinned.

Paulo Batista was proud of his tremendous showing as first runner-up and the first transgender man to achieve this level of placement at any International Drummer or North America Drummer - Drummerboy - Drummer Bootblack competition.

There were men-only and queer-space play parties.

Vegas being Vegas, no doubt may hit the Las Vegas Strip and downtown for hot shows, great food and casino play. The Hard Rock Cafe saw many Leathermen as it was across Koval Avenue and down the street from the Alexis Park Resort

There was a Leather Women's Roundtable Discussion and Mama's Family Reunion in the bootblack lounge. American Brotherhood Weekend hosted the brunch on Saturday and ONYX hosted a huge party on Saturday night after the contest.

While all of the official events were going on, the pool at the back end was busy as was the Jacuzzi. There was a variety of pool parties throughout the weekend.

According to all accounts reporting to The Leather Journal the crowd was good and people making up the entire spectrum of Fetish, Leather, Gear, BDSM, Rubber/Latex community had a blast.

For more information including Drummer North America's statement of purpose, regions and other information check out http://drummerna.com/


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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 23:29

Mid Atlantic Leather sets attendance records



It was reported that Mid Atlantic Leather 2016 sold out of weekend packages early Saturday afternoon, January 16 at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC where Todd Leavitt was chosen to be Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2016 and Leather Cocktails was full to the rafters. The Liaison Hotel across New Jersey Avenue from the Hyatt was full of Mid Atlantic Leatherfolk.

Most of the events during Mid Atlantic Leather, presented by the Centaur Motorcycle Club, were full. Thursday night was good indication of what kind of crowd was about to descend upon he nation's capitol with the size of the crowd attending the DC Eagle party. The huge place was full with only a little space to move in the storied bar's patio. There was lots of anticipation to see what the newest location for the DC Eagle would be like. Other than a not-so-terrific parking situation, the place works and will easily accommodate major events.

While Leather Cocktails is the main event of Mid Atlantic Leather, the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather contest gets most of the press as a good percentage of attendees are titleholders and that is their focus.

Todd Leavitt, entering as an independent, walked out of the Regency Ballroom with the sash, patch and medallion. First runner-up was Mr. Connecticut Leather Tom Matt and second runner-up was Mr Pittsburgh Leather Fetish Keith Zalezalo-Greene. Greene was also presented the Brotherhood Award, a nice trophy of whose recipient is decided by the other contestants and members of the Centaur Motorcycle Club. Seven men vied for Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather. The remaining contestants were Todd Kitchen from Delaware, Arsenio Amadis from New York, Steve Bell from Chicago and Mr. Mayhem Leather Kevin O'Connell from St. Louis, MO.

Todd Leavitt will compete at International Mr. Leather 2016 over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago in May.

Saturday night's Leather Cocktails had the usual great feast and open bar and the focus was on the Leather/BDSM/Fetish/Kink/Motorcycle clubs with a presentation of Club Colors being the highlight of the short show, all introduced by weekend emcee Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 1993 Frank Nowicki. Approximately 60 clubs were represented with several being from Canada and Europe. The buffet stations were highlighted by carved-to-order Roast Steamship of Beef. There were Mediterranean and Grilled Cheese and Dumpling food stations as well as desserts. Vegans were given consideration and many vegans commented with their appreciation.

The club spirit that helps make Mid Atlantic Leather so popular is the many events hosted by the likes of MAUL (Mid Atlantic Uniform Leather), Highwaymen TNT, ONYX in a variety of ways, CODE, SigMa among others. There were probably 300 or more different club backpatches visible all weekend bearing the colors of the likes of Seattle Men in Leather, Atons of Minneapolis, Panther L/L, Arizona Pups And Handlers, ICON Detroit, Chicago Hellfire Club, FIST (Females In Search of Trouble), GMS/MA, Three Rivers Leather Club, Titans of the Midwest, BLUF, California B&B Corps, Long Island Ravens MC, Rochester Rams MC, Knighthawks of Virginia, Ottawa Knights, Knights d' Orleans, Discipline Corps, SigMa, Avatar Club Los Angeles, Albuquerque Leather Daddys, Rangers, Highwaymen TNT, a variety of ONYX chapters, COMMAND MC, Shipmates of Baltimore, TULSA; and the list goes on.

Mr. International Rubber hosted a huge meet and greet in the 11th floor suite that drew a few hundred attendees.

Another tradition at Mid Atlantic Leather is the announcement of judges for the upcoming International Mr. Leather contest. The 11th floor suite was the venue where about 25 IML 2016 hopefuls and friends cheered as past IML executive director Jon Krongaard named each judge and their bios. With great humor, Krongaard had the room in an upbeat spirit. The contestants stayed around for press photos following the announcement. See IML 2016 Judges

Named at https://www.theleatherjournal.com/news/international-news/item/1797-international-mr-leather-names-judges-and-tally-masters

The main lobby and lower lobby of the Hyatt had several bootblack stands that were busy all weekend and most hours.

The vendor market was at capacity. Not news since this is dog-bites-man - the vendor market is full every year.

A newbie which had some incredible custom designs was Wolfstryker Leather. They have a staff of at least five. The owner and lead artisan, Todd Wolfstryker, wore a vest with six snake heads in it.

Judging Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather were Chief Judge Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2015 Daddy David Gerard, International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, International Mr. Leather 2015 Seattle Mr. Leather 1998 Billy Lane, Mr. Eagle New York City 2014 Cee Jay, Mr. Eagle New York City 2014, Mr. Rock Bear 2015 John-John, American Leatherwoman 2000 Paula Smith and Mr. Leather Europe 2012 Kilker Alcaraz. The tally masters were Mr. New Jersey Leather 2015 Thomas Fincannon and International Mr. Puppy 2014 Pup Tripp.

Near the beginning of the contest, the full membership of the Centaur Motorcycle Club appeared on stage where the new officers were introduced. Out going officers dimmed candles on a nine-candled Centaurnorah and the new officers re-lit the candles as they were introduced.

IML 2015 Patrick Smith and Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2015 Daddy David Gerard speeches were short and to the point which helped keep the contest moving.

The Mama's Family photoshoot had over 60 Leatherfolk appearing in it. Mama was not able to be there.

Each contestant was asked impromptu question. Todd Leavitt was asked to do something with the hair of one person living or dead. He chose Kentucky marriage license clerk Kim Davis and it drove the crowd wild. Dan Ronnenberg posted this video of it on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/100009363128633/videos/1552008595121230/?pnref=story Link does not work here, but copy and paste it into your browser and voila. You won't be disappointed.

The official closing event was the Sunday night REACTION Dance party at the 9:30 Club. Usually the crowd in Hyatt lobby becomes sparse during the REACTION Dance, but it was huge and remained so until the wee hours of Monday morning.

The weather cooperated and was in the mid-50s on Thursday and Friday and got cold on Sunday where there was a very light snow. The early good weather may have attributed to late deciders attending. The last two years were frozen tundra, perfect for northern Manitoba. This time it was mild Mid Atlantic and most were grateful.

There was a pall cast over the entire weekend as the news of the sudden passing of Sir Alan Penrod on Thursday afternoon in his his hometown of Atlanta, GA.

In 1976, Glenn Pitcher of the Links Motorcycle Club (MC) in New York took a suite at the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in that city, and in a grand gesture to visiting friends from the west coast, threw an intimate cocktail party. Guests all arrived in full Leather. As the story goes, it was Jerry McChristiansen, another member of the Links MC, who had a difficult and somewhat mysterious time in the bathroom before the group was ready to leave after an hour of cocktails. A loud and unmistakable clang was suddenly heard as a metal cock ring hit the tiled floor, revealing to all that Jerry had been struggling to free himself from great discomfort.

In the following months, the group was invited to San Francisco to repeat the weekend. During the Saturday evening cocktails the west coast hosts decided to drop a metal cock ring in the bathroom at the hotel where they were staying, and that revived the hilarity of the previous occasion thus setting a tradition.

Back in New York in January of 1977, the same suite at the Waldorf-Astoria was taken and invitations were sent out – extended to anyone in club colors and anyone who looked good in leather, and for the first time a commemorative pin was given to each participant. Guests arriving at the Waldorf were guided directly to the room number without having to approach the front desk. A cock ring was dropped in the bathroom to signal the opening of “Leather Cocktails," as it was now called – the origin of the ceremony we continue today. The success of that event led to an annual event that grew ever more popular and the costs, too, had grown. A suite at the Waldorf was no longer practical, so the friends decided to burst out of New York and take to various east coast cities, and the party become open to all Leatherfolk.

In 1979 at The Strap in Washington, DC, then at the 2-4 Club in Philadelphia, the Hippo in Baltimore, and again in Washington, this time at the Eagle in Exile on 9th Street, by which time more than 500 Leatherfolk were in attendance, prompting Ray Hard (originally of the Links, but by then with the Spartan MC) to make the announcement that the friends could no longer host the event. Tony Bachrach and Joe Johansen of the Centaur Motorcycle Club were dismayed by this news and did not want to see this beloved tradition come to an end, so they approached Ray to ask permission to preserve and perpetuate the admirable ritual.

Centaur MC presented the 1984 Leather Cocktails at the Exile and have since worked hard to continue sharing the sense of pride and brotherhood, adding in the following year the Mid Atlantic Leather Contest instituted by Tony Bachrach, Jim Mantis and Al Santora, making the party into a full weekend of celebration.

Known now as Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, participants now number in the thousands and the event still includes Leather Cocktails (the heart of all weekend events) – Sunday brunch and Mr. MAL Contest, a Leather Exhibit Hall and the official closing party, REACTION. Entering their 46th year in 2016, the members of Centaur MC wish to thank all the people who have faithfully shown up over the years and for their efforts to sustain this celebration together with the Washington community and a multitude of Leather/Levi clubs and supporters from all over the world.

Mid Atlantic Leather 2017 will be held January 13-15. Check out http://www.leatherweekend.com for details.




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The judges for the International Mr. Leather 2016 contest were announced during a press conference which began at 12 PM in the 11th floor suite at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC by past executive director Jon Krongaard.

It is no secret that the stepping down IML titleholder is asked to judge each year, so hearing Patrick Smith's name was no surprise.

Before naming each judge, Krongaard short bios of each that left clues for those in the know of each judge.

The IML 2016 judges are International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Boston Leather 2008 Joe Barlow, Mr. Northwoods 2011 Jeff Gruenberger, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2012 Derek Harley, Seattle Leather Grand Dad 2012 Jeff Henness, Women's International Leather Legacy 2015 Penelope Jones, Mr. North Florida Drummer 2000 Steve Laviolette. Secretary of Geared Ireland John O'Brien and International Master 2014 Michael Shorten.

The tally masters for IML 2016 are Great Lakes Leather Sir 2002 Don Leach and past president of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ONYX Dominion ONYX.

Link to Mid Atlantic Leather 2016 article https://www.theleatherjournal.com/news/national-news/item/1798-mid-atlantic-leather-sets-attendance-records

International Mr. Leather 2016 will be held Friday, May 27 through Monday, May 30, 2016 (Memorial Day Weekend)

in Chicago, IL. The Congress Plaza Hotel, 520 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL will be the host hotel for IML 2016.

For complete bios and photos of the judges and tally masters, weekend information, ticketing, hotel reservations and frequent updates go to http://www.imrl.com

About 25 of the IML Class of 2016 were on hand for the press conference. It was announced that Tyesha Nicole Best will be the social media coordinator for IML 2016.




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Monday, 11 January 2016 23:54

Mr. LA Leather 2016 judging panel named



By Steven Carlisle
BOUND, the 17th edition of los angeles Leather Pride, March 27 – April 3 has the Mr. los angeles Leather 2016 contest as its main event.

The judges will be International Mr. Leather, Mr. LA Leather and Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Sister Leather 2001 Robert E. Blackmon, Folsom Street East president David Stringer Hughes, Maximus Cigar Man of the Year Master Kevin, Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2009 Jasun Mark, Mr. Leather Ireland 2015 Kevin Murphy: Mr. Leather Ireland 2015, 1st Runner Up IML 2015, Eric Pruitt also known as Sister Candy Cide and Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015 Clifton Tatum.

Full Bios for each judge are located at https://losangelesleatherpride.com/judges

The 17th Annual Mr. LA Leather Contest will be at Club 333 on Saturday, April 2 and will be followed by LEGION Victory Dance.

There will be two full weekends of events including Assembly uniform party, play parties, a meet and greet, a VIP reception at the Tom of Finland Foundation and a Sunday party in the Faultline parking lot.

On Sunday, April 3 the Off Sunset Festival will close out LA Leather Pride week.

Tickets are on sale now with weekend packages starting as low as $70. https://losangelesleatherpride.com/tickets


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The Heart of the Flag Federation (HOTFF) announced that Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 first runner-up Jeremy Feist, Toronto Leather Pride 2015 Fellowship Award recipient, and Mr. Black Eagle 2016, took on the title of Mr. Leatherman Toronto following the recent resignation of Brandon Michael Lee who stepped down for personal reasons.
Jeremy's first official public role as the Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 titleholder will be co-hosting Toronto Bound, scheduled for February 12-14, at The 519 Community Centre, with the other HOTFF titleholders, MsLT 2016 Shahrazad and Toronto Puppy 2016 Pup Benny.

Jeremy Feist is a kinky Swiss Army Knife, ready for whatever you can throw at him. He created and hosts The New Wave, an educational event for new and young people interested in Kink. He can also be found at Northbound Leather, where he works as a salesperson and consultant. He’s also co-host of Kink 101, a Black Eagle Kennel Klub pup, a Second City graduate, and a bootblack at the Black Eagle Toronto.

For more information on the Heart of the Flag Federation and dates of events check out http://www.hotfftoronto.com


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Thursday, 07 January 2016 16:39

Ms Bullet Leather 2016 is Tuesday Niles


The first Ms Bullet Leather title went to Tuesday Niles on Saturday night, December 19 in a bar packed to the rafters. Cyn Duby was the runner-up.

Ms Sanctuary Leather 2015 Moon O'Neal was the emcee.

The judging panel included International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Bullet Leather 2015 Esteban Bartolo, So Cal Leatherwoman 2015 slave bren, Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt and So Cal Bootblack.

The LA Sisters of Perpetual performed a blessing.

Several people were pinned into Mama's Family including Bullet Bar owner Michael Lara, Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce, Manual Ramirez and Master George.

Tuesday Niles will compete in the Ms Los Angles Leather contest this month along with Ms Sanctuary Leather 2016 Scarlett Sin.

A meet and greet was held on Friday night at the Bullet Bar and a victory barbecue at the same place on Sunday afternoon. All of the events during Ms Bullet Leather 2016 were well-attended and there was plenty of support from the men's Leather community. Leatherfolk from San Diego made the trip.

For more information on the Bullet Bar and its events see http://www.bulletbarla.com



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Great Lakes Olympus Leather Contest Winners

By boy John Schmitt
The 2016 Great Lakes Olympus Leather and Great Lakes Power Exchange Contests were held November 7 at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, IN where Rhea became Ms Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2016, and Kevin and kate were chosen to be Mr. and Ms Great Lakes Power Exchange 2016.

Contest Producer boy John announced the Mactep accepted the title of Mr. Great Lakes Olympus 2016.

The judges were MS Great Lakes Olympus Leather Ms Tammy, 2015 Great Lakes Power Exchange Niki, Great Lakes Leather Sir 2013 Sir Papa Behr and owner of Abraided Leather Shane, artist and contestant handler Andi, Scarlett O'Hairy from the Bag Ladies, Indiana Leather Sir 2013 and past Indiana Leather Boy Brent.

The emcees were 2015 Power Exchange Sir Travis, 2015 Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather Mactep and Tri State Pup 2015 Pup Spaz.


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Scarlett Sin bested Mary Connolly to win the Ms Sanctuary Leather title and Michael Morales earned the required amount of points to be named Mr. Sanctuary Leather on Saturday night, December 5 at the Sanctuary Studios LAX in Lennox, CA.
Ms Sanctuary Leather 2015 Moon O’Neal served as the emcee.

The contest opened with a blessing by the los angeles House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The judging panel was headed by Ms So Cal Leather 2015 slave bren, Ms Sanctuary Leather 2014 Shae Flanigan, Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2014 Alpha Zigzag, The Leather Journal publisher and editor Dave Rhodes, So Cal slave 2014 Indigo Black and Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2015 Matthew Mullins.

A meet and greet was held on Friday night at Pistons bar in Long Beach and a victory barbecue closed things out at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood on Sunday afternoon.

Moon O’Neal will compete for Ms. los angeles Leather 2016 and Michael Morales will vie for Mr. los angeles Leather 2016. Upon completing his year as Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2015, Prometheus was presented his los angeles Band of Brothers patch and Moon O'Neal was inducted into the Southland Leather Title Sisters in a similar ceremony.

Of course there was a Mama's Family photo shoot.

For more information on the Sanctuary Studios LAX check out http://www.sanctuarylax.com




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By Thornton J. Young

The team behind the Fourth Annual Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend (ACLFW), led by Sir Steven Parker, has been working hard at planning and coordinating all the moving parts for the event being held February 5-7 at Fitzgerald's Bar and Live Music in San Antonio, TX.

“I really want to make this year something everyone can enjoy, regardless of their kink," Parker said in his home just north of San Antonio proper. “My goal since the very beginning has been about developing three key

things within the local community: to create an event that provides inclusion, acceptance, and exposure to all sorts of kinks and fetishes."

After winning Mr. 3rd Coast Leather in 2012, Sir Steven wanted to bring the Leather community to San Antonio in a way that it hadn’t been before. When he started the event, he felt there wasn’t really a place that welcomed

all groups, and in 2013 during the first ACLFW he was pleasantly surprised to see people come out of the woodwork and participate.

That first year had humble beginnings, with an emphasis on education in different areas of kink, and small but excited turnout. The buzz around the event proved that there was a need for a place where people could learn, but Sir Steven didn’t stop there. The following year he added the Mr. Alamo City Leather contest, now entering its 3rd year. An addition to the event that premieres this year is the Alamo City Bootblack title.

“I wanted to be able to provide bootblacks an outlet to compete locally, and a way to hone their skills. Also, it is a way for them to display their passion for the art of bootblacking. It is all about raising awareness and status within the subculture locally."

That doesn’t mean that people don’t come from all around the country. The evidence is in the swelling number of attendees. Last year, ACLFW reported the largest number in attendance yet, and they are preparing for even more people to come through this year.

While aspects of the weekend have been changed and improved, one thing has remained constant – the desire for education to be a large purpose of the event.

“Friday night is all about having fun and being sexy, letting your kink show in a place where there is no judgment,  and where someone might see something and say ‘hey, that looks kind of interesting.’ Saturday provides people with the chance to learn more about kinks and fetishes they might not know about, and also expand their knowledge about the things they are into."

Classes include things like electroplay, mummification, flogging, submission, and other areas that many find interesting. They are set up so that those who are new to kink and Leather can learn the basics, and those who are more advanced can learn something from a different class. Offering the option as to which class to watch has always been important, so multiple classes are happening at the same time, giving everyone a chance to take away something new.

Through education, ACLFW hopes to bring all the communities together, including the communities that might normally separate themselves across the lines of sexual preference. The event is open to all sexual identities; be it straight, gay, pansexual, transgender, or any other self-identification.

“A large part of the weekend is about networking. Getting out and meeting people in your community, as well as those you might not normally socialize with. This is a way to build healthy relationships between people. Not behind a computer screen, or an app, but rather face-to-face. I think that is really important in the steps to understanding and accepting each other."

This mission will be carried on by the creation of a 501(c)(3), the Alamo City Leather and Fetish Workshop. The purpose of the group will be to continue education throughout the year, provide a group for safe and accepting play parties, and to strengthen the sense of unity between the kink communities within San Antonio.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to two benefactors:; Project HOT and the Leather Heart Foundation. Project HOT is an HIV awareness organization in Alamo City that is also working on bringing a PrEP clinic to San Antonio. The Leather Heart Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to individuals of all sexual orientations within the Leather, BDSM, M/s and fetish communities.

“Really, it’s about getting everyone together, celebrating our kinks, having a blast, and doing some good while doing it."

For tickets and more information, including host hotel and event location, or to apply for Mr. Alamo City Leather or Alamo City Bootblack visit http://www.aclfw.org



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Monday, 21 December 2015 20:33

Mr. CMEN Leather is Rick Boehle


By Rob Silver
Rick Boehle, from los angeles, California won the title of Mr. CMEN Leather 2015 at CMEN's West Coast Gathering in Malibu on September 10. Randy Dieter, from Polk City, Florida, was the runner-up. The 2015 Gathering marked the organization's 20th Anniversary.

Rick has actively volunteered as part of West Coast Gathering leadership for the last decade. He is looking forward to representing CMEN at local Leather community events and plans to compete in the International Mr. Leather contest in May 2016.

The judging panel was composed of all former Mr. CMEN Leather winners including Head Judge Mr. CMEN Leather 2004 Mark Lager, Mr. CMEN Leather 2009 Danny Brookshire, Mr. CMEN Leather 2013 Gordon Kirk, Mr. CMEN Leather 2013.

Mr. CMEN Leather 2003 Rob Silver served as emcee.

California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy naturism.

CMEN's West Coast Gathering is the largest naturist event for gay and bisexual men on the West Coast. This 10-day event takes place in the Malibu hills each September and features outdoor recreation, social activities, seminars, workshops and evening entertainment. Activities allow men to have fun together, share their interests and develop new friendships. First held in October 1999, the West Coast Gathering has grown to draw 400 to 450 male naturists each year from throughout North America, the Pacific Islands, and Europe.

CMEN also hosts smaller naturist gatherings in Northern California and Tennessee, and other naturist recreation and social events in the greater los angeles area throughout the year.

For more information visit http://www.CMEN.info


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By Joe Barlow

Eric Alden of Boston, MA walked away with the Mr. New England Leather title in Provincetown, MA on Saturday night, November 21, thus becoming the third man to hold this title.

First runner-up was Jonathan of Boston and second runner-up was Sir Rick of Provincetown. Six men competed.

The Mr. New England Leather judging panel consisted of Mr. New England Leather 2015 Dalton Flint, Jon Krongaard, Sister Rosetta Stone, Harry Harkins, George Peet and Hector Aponte.

Encompassing the weekend of November 20-22, Weekend featured a fireside chat with International Mr. Leather founder Chuck Renslow, a New England-focused exhibit by the Leather Archives & Museum, several social, dinner and bar events and of course the Mr. New England Leather 2016 competition.
Eric will compete at International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were on hand and were instrumental in helping to raise $1,200 for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod throughout the weekend.

Joe Barlow, co-owner of Full Kit Gear, produced the Mr. New England Leather Weekend.
Photos and a full list of sponsors are available at http://www.MrNewEnglandLeather.com

Photos by Jim Maciel


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By David Shover

The weekend of November 6-8 was alive in Baltimore, MD with COMMAND MC's 27th Anniversary Run (Corps Of Mem Making A Noticeable Difference Motorcycle Club) and the 2016 Mr. Maryland Leather contest.

The 27th Anniversary Run began with a cocktail party hosted by the former Mr. Maryland titleholders.  A tradition that began several years ago that helps to welcome Leathermen and Leatherwomen as they arrive for the weekend.

During the weekend there were cocktail parties hosted by the ShipMates of Baltimore, Baltimore Eagle, Leatherboys of MD,  and Bears, Bikers and Mayhem.

On Friday night there was a meet and greet party at The Loft where everyone gathered to meet the Mr. Maryland Leather contestants and the contest staff and socialize with old and new Leather friends.

Saturday was filled with excitement of the 2016 Mr. Maryland Leather contest. The annual Silent Auction was set up in Grand Central, the new venue of the Mr. Maryland Leather contest.

The judges begun their job earlier that day with the contestant interviews and community service portion of the contest.

The judges were Mr. Michigan Leather 2014 Chuck Braidwood, Mr. Maryland Leather 2014 David DeBlase, Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2013 Jim KZ, Mr. Touche' 1982 Mike McDonald, International Mr. Leather 2014 Ramien Pierre, Paul E. Treadway, III and Ms New Jersey Leather 2014 Nikki Wireman.

After an incredible contest, held at Grand Central in Mount Vernon, VA, Mr. Maryland Leather 2015 Greg King passed the title on to Eli Fishburne IV (AKA Eli Onyx) of Hyattsville, Maryland, a member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic.

The runner-up was 28 year-old Jake Rokker who also was awarded the David Allen Brotherhood Award.

King received a loud ovation which recognized his successful year with the title Mr. Maryland Leather stage manager Buz Norwood was presented COMMAND MC's Leather Person of the Year Award.

After the conclusion of the Mr. Maryland Leather contest back at the host Wyndham Peabody Court  Hotel, attendees enjoyed a formal Leather cocktail hour and the annual COMMAND MC Anniversary dinner before heading to Leon's / Steampunk for the Victory Party to celebrate with MML 2016.

The weekend was filled with the excitement of seeing old friends and making new Leather friends.

For more details check out http://www.commandmc.org

Founded in 1988, the COMMAND Motorcycle Club serves to promote the Leather lifestyle in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas. COMMAND MC supports the community financially, sponsor the Mr. Maryland Leather contest, regular bar nights and exclusive social events, raise money and awareness for gay-related charities and coordinate with other Leather Clubs and non profit organizations that service the GLBT and HIV/AIDS community of the Baltimore/Washington, DC are.

Note, Bears, Bikers and  Mayhem VI will be held March 31 - April 3 in Gettysburg, PA. This is a growing event that is not to be missed.



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