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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 23:38

American Brotherhood winners named


American Brotherhood winners. Photo by Brian Mincey

L E, from Oakland, CA, was named American Leatherwoman; the American Leatherman title was awarded to Dan Ronneberg, who hails from Arlington, VA; and the American Leatherboy title went to Boypup Max of San Antonio, TX. at the Leather Archives and Museum October 9-11.

American Leatherman 2014 Dominic Chevalier, American Leatherwoman Eileen Sanders and American Leatherboy 2014 Dave Hudson sashed the new titleholders.

Coming in as American Leatherman first runner-up was Robbie Butler from Atlanta, GA and Jim Scudder-Barfield of Tulsa, OK was named second-runner up. The American Leatherboy first runner-up boy was ahren from Pittsburgh, PA who also was awarded the Brotherhood award by his fellow contestants and the second runner-up was Cub G of Phoenix, AZ.

ABW celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the American Leatherboy with a special boy gathering and Leatherwomen's dinner.

Karen Ultra dazzled at the emcee.

The judges were American Brotherhood Weekend founder Mik Miller, Sarah Beth, IMsL 2014 Patty Patty, Neil Douglas James, Lily Fleur Noir.

A Friday night meet and greet, Sunday brunch and Victory Celebration were held at Touche'.

The contest was split over Saturday and Sunday to sash the American Leather Family 2015.

For more information check out http://www.AmericanLeatherboy2011.com or the ABW Facebook page.


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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 19:40

Mr. Regiment Leather 2016 is Matthew Jensen

By Robert Green

Matthew Jensen took the title of Mr. Regiment Leather 2016 in a two night competition, October 10-11. Steven Carlisle was the runner-up. The scoring started during the meet and greet with the contestants’ fantasy scenes played out on stage at Eagle LA. The former Mr. Regiments in attendance were brought on stage showing the strong legacy of Mr. Regiment title; appearing in descending chronological order: Rod Mercado 2015, Andy Covarrubias 2013, Justin Tate Emmerick 2013, Leo Iriarte 2011, Brad Taylor 2010, Ross Wood 2008 and Robert Green 2003.

The main event took place at The Bullet Bar with all judges being former Mr. Regiments. An energetic main bar area was filled with hot bodies clad in all sorts of gear from harnesses, rubber, Leather and of course it wouldn’t be a Regiment contest without lots of uniforms.

Always with a smile and his hearty laugh, show producer Regiment member Esteban Bartholo kept things moving. Emcees Jeremy Ronceros and Andy Covarrubias both brought the sexy charm and the laughs. Hot go-go dancers, frisky socializing and the occasional waft of cigar smoke set the tone on the patio during the breaks. Mr. Regiment 2015 Rod Mercado gave his step-down speech and received his Los Angeles Band of Brothers vest patch.  

The new Mr. Regiment Leather, Matthew Jensen, was overwhelmed as the LA Band of Brothers swarmed him for the welcoming spider web ending in a brotherly cheer. Matthew joins the first two Leathermen on the road to the Mr. LA Leather Contest 2016 on April 2. Currently LA Leather has ten confirmed feeder contests, with the LA leather/fetish community growing we could see a couple more titles joining the run for 2016.



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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 12:33

Mr. Michigan Leather Brian Mailley


By Bryon Hayes

Mr. Michigan Leather Weekend, September 25-27 at the Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, MI, enjoyed a record setting number of attendees and three outstanding contestants, and capped off the weekend by selecting Brian Mailley as Mr. Michigan Leather 2016 who will compete at International; Mr. Leather next May in Chicago.

Mailley, from Royal Oak, Michigan competed as Mr. Liberty Leather 2015.

The Mr. Michigan Leather contest featured a Friday night celebration of MML’s 20th Anniversary; various workshops sponsored by Chicago Hellfire Club and a poolside barbeque, complete with 80 degree temperatures and sunshine, on Saturday afternoon.

During the contest Saturday night, musical entertainment was provided by Kelly Carey. Mr. Michigan Leather was once again emceed by Mr. los angeles Leather 2006 Bob Johnson.

There were three contestants: Mailley, Mr. Campit Outdoor Resort Leather 2016 Chris Rice and Mr. Dunes Resort Leather 2015 Adam Way.

The judges were all former Mr. Michigan Leather winners including outgoing Mr. Michigan Leather 2015 Josh Fortuna, Mr. Michigan Leather 2004 Bob Rose, Mr. Michigan Leather 2001 Doug VanKirk, Mr. Michigan Leather 2006 Tony Wolfram, and Mr. Michigan Leather 2012 and International Mr. Leather 2012 Woody Woodruff.

Event sponsors include the Dunes Resort, CLAW, Campit Outdoor Resort, GRAB Magazine, Metra Magazine, Icon Detroit, and LeatherUNITED. MML proceeds benefited the Leather Archives and Museum.

Photo Caption: Contestants Chris Rice, Adam Way, and Brian Mailley, Michigan Leather 2016.


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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 12:09

Mr. Sister Leather 2016 Joe Gregory


Joe Gregory was best of two men vying for the Mr. Sister Leather 2016 title hosted by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Eagle LA on Saturday night, September 19 in front of a full house.

The talented Don Mike was the emcee.

The weekend began on Friday night with a meet and greet at the Eagle LA and concluded with a luau at Pistons bar in Long Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Sister Leather a feeder for the Mr. los angeles Leather 2016 contest which will be held at the beginning of April. That winner will advance to International Mr. Leather next May.


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Sunday, 15 November 2015 23:01

Leatherman of Color Khalid El Bey



By Rod “Rod Onyx” McCoy

After a year hiatus, the Leatherman of Color contest returned on September 19 with Khalid El Bey winning the title.

Sponsored by Mufasa’s Pride and held at Touché Bar, the contest celebrated its 10th year in the city where it first began, Chicago.

The judges for the Leatherman of Color contest were Mr. Chicago Leather Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Tri-State Leather Brian Bolt Donner, Mama Viola Johnson, Mr. Southeast Leather Fest 2015 Sir Raymond Walker and the first Leatherman of Color, John Tatum, who, in honor of the 10th Anniversary of his win, addressed and moved the crowd with his recollections of his title year.

The emcee for Leatherman of Color was Drummer North America 2015 Doc Hoskins, Jr. who also held the title of Leatherman of Color 2007.

Khalid El Bey is a native of Memphis, TN and is a proud member of ONYX who served in the US Navy as a combat medic, and is a sexual health educator in the Washington, DC area.  Congratulations to Khalid, and we’re looking forward to great things during his reign.



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Sunday, 15 November 2015 22:07

Ms San Francisco Leather 2016 is Stela D.


By Tracy J. Wolf

Stela D. Love was sashed as Ms. San Francisco Leather 2016 on Saturday, October 3 at the 2015 Ms San Francisco Leather contest held at the historic Hotel Whitcomb. The event raised money for the titleholder fund and two beneficiaries, The Carter/Johnson Leather Library and The Women's Leather History Project at the Leather Archives and Museum.  

Emcees Ms San Francisco 2011 Miss Bethie Bee and International Ms Bootblack 2008 Q kept the contest moving and brought joy with their playful humor. Little Bad Daddy gave a heartfelt and personal step aside speech, reflecting on her year as a representative of the San Francisco community.

With four contestants, this year's contest was one of the most engaging since the title was revived in 2009 by producers Liza Sibley and her slave Jody. Each Leatherwoman had something unique to bring, and bring it they did! This certainly could not have been an easy decision for head judge SF Dyke Daddy 2002 Daddy Vick Germany and their fellow judges Madame Estrella, Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2012 Thib Guicherd-Callin, Ms San Francisco Leather 2013 Val Langmuir and Pacific Coast Power Exchange 2015 Ms WillowKat.

The contestants were Stela D. Love, Mistress Eden Alexander, Sarafina Maraschino (a.k.a. SaraMara) and Tali Tart.  Pop questions were answered quickly and often humorously. All of the speeches included very revealing information about each contestant's relationship with Leather, and shared some of their journey. Plus, each fantasy was memorable and fun.

Mistress Eden Alexander is a switch who works professionally as a fetish film maker, bondage model, burlesque performer and pro domme. She identifies as a high femme, and her Leather family includes a pack of puppy play pups. In her fantasy, she was awakened by her pups, and started playing with them using rope, which led to her tying herself into a beautiful rope harness while playing with the pups.

SaraMara is a pony girl as well as an artist, musician, trained Domina and lifestyle BDSMer. She joins the Ms San Francisco contest by way of the pony community. Her fantasy was of a wild pony in the woods, being captured by a trainer and turned into a show pony. All the while this was happening, various human critters (ponies, puppies, a fox, and a bobcat, among others) scampered through the audience and cavorted onstage making various animal calls.

Tali Tart is a femme with a megawatt smile and lots of tattoos who performs in burlesque and drag shows throughout the bay area. She describes herself as “a cupcake full of razor blades,” due to her twisted sense of humor. In her fantasy, Tali entered the stage as the Virgin Mary, escorted by two naughty angels. The angels helped her strip off her bindings, while introducing her to SM play. By the end, our Virgin Mary was topping the angels!

Stela D. Love is a gender fluid artist who participates in drag with Debauchery Burlesque and his own dance drag king troupe, Fella-Fem. They are also an event producer for Queer Sphere. Stela's fantasy was a boudoir scene that could have come straight from the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones with Stela as a convincing Khal Drogo arriving, being undressed by his servants, and having lush and savage sex with his blonde khaleesi as the servants waved feathered fans.


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Sunday, 15 November 2015 19:12

Mr. Long Beach Leather Joelle Royal


By Nikolas Keith

The 2015 Mr. Long Beach Leather title went to Joelle Royal on Saturday, September 12 at the Crest in North Long Beach. This year the contest was split between two locations the Mineshaft and the Crest bars as a part of keeping the Long Beach Community engaged with the Leather community.

This year the contest celebrated 35 years of Mr. Long Beach Leather. Although there were a few breaks over the years with producer changes the contest is back in its third year of being produced by Mr. Long Beach Leather 2012 Nikolas Keith and his husband Bert Simon.

Also this year the Mr. Long Beach Leather Contest had partnered with The Center of Long Beach for their Q Film festival for the screening of “Seed Money” the documentary story of Chuck Holmes’s Falcon Studios.

On Friday, September 11 festivities kicked off with the CellBlock13 Contestant Meat n’ Greet and number draw at the Mineshaft.

Four of the judges were past Mr. Long Beach Leather titleholders including head judge Mr. Long Beach Leather 2005 Larry Golubski, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2007 Don Sir, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2013 Marc Bellenger and Mr. Long Beach Leather 2014 Douglas Dick, and Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2015.

Look for more information about Mr. Long Beach Leather at http://www.mrlbl.com






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international olympus leather 2015-16

The Great Plains Region swept the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather 2016 contest on Saturday night, October 18 Fred Anderson and Boo winning the Mr. and Ms titles during the contest's 20th Anniversary during DomCon: Atlanta at the Ramada Plaza Downtown Atlanta. This was a celebration of 20 years of the title.

The runner-up in the men's field was Mr. Central Canada Olympus Leather Count Jeff and the Ms runner-up was Ms Tammy who was only three points off the pace. The closeness of the results was magnified in that the tallying as Straight scoring. One judge, International Ms Olympus Leather 1999 Cori had to cancel at the last minute so the producers decided to use Straight scoring instead of the planned Olympic scoring.

Ms SECC Leather 2014 Jordan "Roscoe" McCoy, a talented entertainer of many faces, was the emcee for the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather contest and Pantheon of Leather.

International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the Pantheon of Leather Awards which saw 30 honors presented on Friday night.

Dr. Lawrence Burden aka Dr. Larry served as head judge with International Mr. Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce, International Ms Olympus Leather 2014 Shy, International Mr. Olympus Leather 1996 Ron Hendon, International Ms Olympus Leather 2001 Sherree Bailey and International Ms Olympus Leather 2009 Simone rounding out the panel. The judges' coordinator was International Ms Leather 2015 Sarge.

Contestants vied in Social Interaction, Interview, Question, Speech and Fantasy categories before tally master Mike Van Horn delivered the results.

There were two other men competing, Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather Matthew Mullins and Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather Mactep.

The step down speeches by International Ms Olympus Leather Shy and International Mr. Olympus Leather Dave Faunce were not long and were well-received. Dave invited his partner Eric to the stage where on bended knee, Dave proposed to him. It was yet another moment in the evening where love was in the air.

Contest Director Vonn Tramel has built a team to produce the weekend and the improvements were very noticeable. Attendance at Olympus Leather was up 85 percent from 2014.

There were more auction items and bidding was good enough to show an increase from the 2014 travel fund.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015 23:49

Three sashed at ILSLb ICBB in Dallas



International Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2015 winners were announced at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Market Center on Saturday, September 5 in Dallas, TX with Sir Tug Whitehead from the South Central Region taking the Sir sash, Tim from the Great Lakes Region the boy title and Briar Wood from the South Central Region the Bootblack medallion.

Leather Sir runner-up was Sir Jim, Leatherboy runner-up was Louie and the Bootblack runner-up was Cherielle. There were five Leather Sir contestants, three Leatherboy contestants and two Bootblack contestants.

The contest with the theme, Ties That Shine and Bind, had staged segments and contestant interviews.

Billed as "the players title," contestants performed fantasies on Thursday night in a non-judged presentation and it was hot. No humor, no mock play or anything simulated, it was was raw action.



The Leather Sir and Leatherboy judges were headed by Dr. Larry with Dave Rhodes, George Saltzman, Doug Mezzacapo, Gator, Don Leach and Sir Merrill on the panel.

The Community Bootblack judges were Bootblack Paul, Christopher, Dara, Gabriel Majors and Randall Kinnear. The Bootblack competition was 100 percent judged with no ballots collected.

The emcee was Thib Guicherd-Callin and the ASL interpreters were Sir Robert and Alex.

Awards that were voted on by the contestants were Golden Flogger to Sir Michael and Golden Paddle to Boy Tater and Golden Brush to Cherielle.

The late Thursday night roast of International Leather Sir 2014 Mark Eddy, International Leatherboy 2014 boy Paul and International Community Bootblack 2014 boy ed at the Dallas Eagle was emceed by Thib Guicherd-Callin and it was mercilessly brutal. Guest speakers were as rough. No one was spared, including people who were not even there.

A nice air conditioned bus carried Leatherfolk between the Crowne Plaza and the Dallas Eagle all weekend. Parties at the Dallas Eagle included the Roast, Uniform Party followed by a Cigar Social on Friday night, Victory Party on Saturday night, and a Leather Family Barbecue and Trash Disco on Sunday.

Parties at the Crowne Plaza included a Puppy Park and Mosh on Friday and Saturday, a Pool Party and Cards Against Humanity on Friday, and International Community Bootblack Contestant Bootblacking followed by Kinky Bingo on Saturday.

Not surprising, Dallas was an oven all weekend, including at night. On Wednesday afternoon a water main that serviced the area burst. This caused the hotel to not have any running water until later in the day on Thursday and it caused the air conditioning system which was water-cooled to not work.

As well as the United States, there were guests from Canada and the United Kingdom.

The Jeffrey Payne Lifetime Achievement Award which had been presented at International Mr. Leather for several years was presented Miss Kendra from Indianapolis, IN by Jeffrey Payne, Dr. Lawrence Burden aka Dr. Larry and Bob Weber.

For more information check out http://www.ilsb-icbb.com/index.html




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Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) named the lineup of judges for the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest to be held at 7 PM on Saturday, October 31 at the Palm Springs Convention Center on the Grand Concourse during Leather Pride Weekend.

The panel includes Esteban Bartholo, Randy Carmenaty, Randall “Bear Man” Klett, Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt, International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015 Clifton Tatum and Dan Woodward.

Contestants in the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest will be sponsored by Chill Bar, Tool Shed, The Barracks, Off Ramp Leather, Mr. Hot Rodeo and Copa Palm Springs.

The Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest is the capstone of the annual Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend which takes place October 29 - November 15.

The weekend package is $135 and includes the Meet and Greet at Hunters Nightclub, a clothing-optional pool party hosted by the Clifton Tatum, the current Mr. Palm Springs Leather, a Formal Leather Dinner at the Palm Springs Hilton in their beautiful Horizon Ballroom with stunning mountain views, the Tool Shed/PSLOD Vendor Market and Back Lot Cruise Party (special admittance line for VIP's), the 'Gar and Gear Party/BBQ at The Barracks bar, the Mr. Palms Springs Leather Contest, the Victory Leather/Fetish Dance Party at The Barracks, Turning up the Heat Pool Party/BBQ and Soaked T-shirt Contest, and the Official Closing Party at The Barracks (special admittance line for VIP's). Package holders also receive a t-shirt, collectible run pin and dog tags.

For more information and to order your tickets go to http://desertleatherpride.com Most tickets will also be available at the registration tables or event doors.

The Palm Springs Leather Pride staff includes Chair of Palm Springs Leather Pride Skip Mlaker, the Board of Directors and the membership of the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Contest co-producers Drew Kramer and Dave Murdock, tally master, Karen Rakow Atkins, judges coordinator, Skip Mlaker and contestant coordinator, Todd Parker, emcee Lenny Broberg and ASL interpreter Michael Klynn.

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert at http://www.pslod.org is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere for growth and support of the Leather Lifestyle while nourishing a sense of sister/brother hood and camaraderie within the organization and the community, and to raise funds for deserving projects, clubs, organizations, defense funds or charities which have given direct or indirect support to the Leather community or to the GLBT community at large.

Make it 10 days of PRIDE, start off with Palm Springs Leather Pride and bookend it with Palm Springs Gay Pride, November 6-8!  Check it out at http://www.pspride.org


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The Equus International Pony and Trainer Contest was held last weekend in los angeles, CA at Sanctuary Studios LAX.  Produced by Submissann aka Beauty, the weekend long event included classes, a formal dinner and play date event, and in addition to the International Pony and Trainer contest the weekend included a Human Pony Show for the community at large complete with Dressage, obstacle course, blindfold obstacle course,  and reigning events and Pony performances.

The International Pony and Trainer contest had two tough teams which included one pony and trainer team Dame Nobel and Ebony Midnight back for their sophomore showing and a freshman competitor Daisiy Dawl a appaloosa circus pony out of Portland, Oregon.  After an intense day of interviews, presentations and performances Dame Nobel and her pony Ebony Midnight won by a 2pt margin (at over what I believe was almost an 90% score) over the infectious Daisiy Dawl.  

Best in show went to Pony Caddie and her handler Doug, who’s enthusiasm for pony play was evident each time she was able to shake her tail.

Congratulations to Ann on a well planned and hard worked success.

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Wednesday, 05 August 2015 15:47

Mr. Harbor Room named in Milwaukee


The 15th Mister Harbor Room contest was held on July 25 at the Harbor Room in Milwaukee, WI with Dennis "DJ" Christie declared the winner.

The contest was emceed by former Mister Harbor Room and former International Mr. Leather contestant Drake McSherry. Assisting Drake and providing entertainment were Karen Valentine and Shannon Dupree.

The evening was dedicated to Mr. Vern Haag, Harbor Room's first Mr. Harbor Room who passed away recently.

Four contestants entered this year's competition including Dennis "DJ" Christie, Joselerio Montoya, Freddie Arotcho-Perez and Joe Dominic.

The judges were Drake McSherry who was the head judge, Brian Grieser, Wayne Nesbit, Brad Borreson, Jason Puls, Alex Rolston and Merle Malterer. The tally master was Duane Nesbit. Assisting the judges were Jorge Gonzalez and Tou Moua.

Dennis is an associate member of the Castaways and is the partner of Mr. Omaha Drummer 1991 Frank Williams for 20 years. He is a volunteer for CLAW, Milwaukee Pridefest and the Red Cross.


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Wednesday, 05 August 2015 14:34

Women In Leather Legacy 2015

penelopeThis weekend in Dallas During Women in Leather Legacy Weekend, Penelope Jones, Karida, and Deborah Wade, competed for the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2015. The title exists to capture women’s leather history, serving their year interviewing those women willing to be interviewed, and preparing those interviews for the Womens Leather History Project at the Leather Archives and Museum.

Saturday night after interviews, auctions and presentations had been made, a legacy sash was presented to each of the former WILL’s (with the exception of one of the Angels who was unable to make the event) and then to 2015 Women in Leather Legacy Penelope Jones.

Penelope will join us in the next week or so, she’s just trying to get her feet under her as she assumes her responsibilities but did want to extend her thanks to a few people through a Facebook conversation with me she said " I want to thank Linda "Bootpig" Hall, Michelle Sigler, Tracy Hunt, Lynn and Deb Starnes, Kitty and Jodi from Paddle Your Drawers (I want to thank Sir Bill as well. He's the reason I ran!), Tulsa girls of Leather, House of Phoenix, Gail and slave courtney, Tony Mayes, Bettie Crocker, Lady Faye, Blayn and Parker, Ian and Jerri All the Judges and staff, Jody the contestant liaison I think that covers everyone that either came specifically to support me or those that helped me along the way! XoXo I just need a moment to cry and be overly emotional. Lol I'll be better tomorrow!"

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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 18:00

Mr. Wisconsin Leather in Madison in August


The Mr. Wisconsin Leather weekend events are coming together August 21-23, and they look hot! Events kick off on Friday with a special Fire Side Chat with adult performers Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman discussing their experiences being a prominent gay couple in social media. This will be followed by the Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2016 gear and sports-themed kick-off Party at Woof's.

The Mr. Wisconsin Leather contest kicks of at 8 PM at the Bartell Theatre, followed by the Victory Party at Woof's.

Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2015 Will Boyd-Bohaczek will be the head judge and his panel includes Dan Ronneberg, Richard Ziese, Rob Kreisinger Denk, Dirk Caber and Alan Penrod. Robert Miller will be the tally master.

The emcees will be Michael Kaplan and Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson.

The Titans of the Midwest will present a Kink U. series of fetish workshops in succession on Saturday including Caning: The Erotic Discipline by Sir Alan Penrod and his boy David; Fetish

Wrestling: Bondage With Your Body (Mini-course and Open Mat) with Coach Robert Miller and his husband, Coach Bob Blackmore; and Mummification by Mystryss Lily.

The NorthStar Kennel Club will host the MRWL Puppy Pound at SpaWoof.

For more details go to http://www.mrwlevent.com


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I do love a good leather contest. But then, who doesn't, right? Christopher Street West Leather 2016 was held Saturday night (June 7, 2015) at The Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. The always hot pre-pride Leather crowd had the privilege to watch the adorable Jeremy Ronceros and the shining star of Our Gay Group, Don Mike emcee the evening as Christopher Paul stepped down and Jeffrey Erdman take his place as the new Mr. Christopher Street West 2016. First runner up, Caleb Engen, and the other contestants, Francisco Perales and Keshav Tyagi (tee-AH-gee) cheered him on.

The four contestants were a varied bunch, any of whom would surely have done the title proud. Contestant number one, Jeffrey Erdman, originally from Seattle, WA, now lives in los angeles. Francisco Perales is from Fort Worth, TX, and he also has made his home here in LA. Number three, Keshav Tyagi relocated to LA from Boston. Lastly, but not least, is Caleb Engen, who went from N.O. (New Orleans), LA, and now resides in North Hollywood, CA.

judges CSW 2016There were more judges than contestants and they, too, were a varied bunch. Not only did Tom Wong, Mr. CSW Leather 2007, sit as a judge, but so did Thomas Trafelet and Nicholas Oliver. IML 2015 Patrick Smith and Christopher Paul, the current Mr. CSW rounded out the judging panel.

When asked what the biggest problem facing the leather community today is, Erdman, a lawyer, answered "the biggest problem facing the leather community today is addiction, specifically Crystal Meth addiction." He would like to see a partnership between agencies dealing with the problem of addiction partner with the LGBT community to combat this growing trend.

Francisco Perales, works with homeless Vets and agreed that addiction is a huge issue plaguing the community. He thinks that education is the main way to combat the problem of addiction in our community.

Keshav Tyagi discussed the old guard and new guard, hoping to further a coalition between the two. He feels that the old guard can mentor the new guard and, therefore, form a more cohesive community. He knows first hand how important leather community mentoring is after being rejected by his own cultural community.

Caleb Engen's first question was, does a leather title makes you a better leatherman. He denied that it does stating, "it is who you are, the title does not make you more than you were before".

All four contestants were sure of themselves, well spoken, and would have made an exemplary Mr. CSW 2016. But the votes came in and First Runner up went to Caleb Engen. The title went to Jeffrey Erdman.

Once Christopher Paul passed the sash to Jeffrey and the photo op finished, it was time for Jeremy to wax poetic about the outgoing Mr. CSW. Christopher, in his tenure, had put in over 300 service hours and raised over $5000 for various charities. Impressive indeed! Jeremy Ronceros inducted Christopher into the los angeles Band of Brothers.

Two generous baskets courtesy of Tom of Finland and contained ToF sex toys along with assorted lubes; and Eagle LA basket contained leather scented soap, Eagle LA bling and, of course, alcohol was given away to the generous winners as the celebration continued into the night. Congratulations, Jeffrey Erdman and Caleb Engen! And bravo to Francisco Perales and Keshav Tyagi for running and doing the community proud!

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