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Smokeout Las Vegas

By September 22, 2021





Several hundred cigarmen and their friends descended upon the Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas, NV the weekend of August 25-30, hoping to have a blast at a new hotel and in the August heat Due to COVID-19 the date was changed from early April.


There were differences in the Tuscany from the Alexis Park, but most seemed happy with the new home which had several restaurants on campus.
The hospitality suite was top notch as Leather Uniform Club Las Vegas and Las Vegas Boys of Leather staffing. The men from Utah Rebellion had a cocktail party going near the hospitaliy suite most of the weekend.

There were planned group dinners at the Hofbrauhaus, Buca di Beppo, Paradise Cantina, All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi and the Silverton Casino buffet.

The bars were busy with Fun Hog Ranch getting the best reviews. Smokers and friends hit Charlie's and the Las Vegas Eagle.

The Bay Area Cigar men arranged a pipe social and the Chicago Hellfire Club hosted their Smokeout Friday night traditional Scotch and Cigar social. There seemed to always be busy bootblack stands.

The late hour parties on Friday and Saturday nights were Smokeout With Your Hole Out presented by the Bullet Bar from Los Angeles, the Eagle SF, Foxhole and Green Mirror Entertainment - wild as always.

Saturday night included a poker party in one of the hotel rooms which has become a Smokeout mainstay.

The bike ride to Nelson and the Techatticup Gold Mine was a huge draw. Located In The Nevada Hills, The Techatticup Mine once spat out enough gold and silver to inspire murder, treachery, and claim jumping. Now it has been restored and is partially open to visitors who can take tours through the rocky, but luckily, bloodless mine. The thick veins of precious metals were discovered in the hills by Spanish explorers in the tunnels in the 1700s.

All of this went on while groups went out for meals and shopping on their own while many took in at least one of Sin City's shows as well as gambling opportunities.

The hospitality suite was top notch as Leather Uniform Club Las Vegas ans Las Vegas Boys of Leather staffing. The men from Utah Rebellion had a cockatil party going near the hosiptality suite.

Most of those who braved the heat for a great Smokeout weekend vowed to return with hopes that Smokeout would return to its temperate April weekend.

Smokeout is a fun-filled uncomplicated weekend in Las Vegas for cigar and pipe studs, Leatherman, bikers, bears and friends, from all over the world. A free-flowing weekend so everyone can enjoy Las Vegas the way they want - in the company of fellow studs.

There are no rigid program to follow with lots of time for being a tourist, enjoying a show, attending events or just relaxing and having a great time. Attend with a fun, uncomplicated, positive attitude and let Las Vegas do its magic.



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