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Smokeout Las Vegas

By May 15, 2022



Smokeout Las Vegas

Spring of 2022 was when people began to emerge from hiding after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like people coming out of the debris and fallout from a nuclear war on a set of the 1960s television series The Twilight Zone people were gong to find what awaited them.


Smokeout Las Vegas, held the weekend of April 6-11 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino did not disappoint. The fears of coming down with the virus were real and many played it safe by wearing masks while others did not.
875 people checked into Smokeout which meant that the event was coming back strong. A summer version last August, complete with 115-degree heat, was a test run which drew lightly.

Among the many events and fun things at Smokeout 2022 was the hospitality suite hosted by the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas and the Desert Leathermen Motorcycle Club, and the adjoining bar/party suite presented by Utah Rebellion. Utah might be a conservative state, but the bartenders' pours were quite liberal. There were bootblacks on hand and they were kept busy.

The vendors had full rooms to market their wares and it appeared that cigarmen were shopping, not just looking. This is a sign that Leather businesses are coming back.

There were two swimming pools with the one adjacent the hospitality suite open to Brad and Janet as well as a lap pool exclusive to Smokeout. The lap pool was a haven of activity al the time it was open - closed at 10 PM for cleaning.

Most seemed to like the Tuscany Suites and were happy with the change and a few did not.

There were plenty of special events including underwear, cocktail, private play and other parties, scotch and cigar social, dinners at Hofbrauhaus, a local Italian restaurant, all-you-can-eat sushi, uniform dinner, dippers' gathering, Chicago Hellfire Club Whiskey social, Desert Brotherhood MC's Saturday ride, pipe social, poker game, boot blacks, cigar crawl, bar parties at the Las Vegas Eagle, Fun Hog Ranch and Charlie's and all the shows, acts, museums, buffets and eateries that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Tuscany Suites restaurants received mostly great reviews. Marylin's diner was affordable and the food decent. They were busy all weekend.

About 75 men feasted at the Hofbrauhaus which had their own live polka band. Cigarmen are already talking about plans for next year. Smokeout Las Vegas was definitely on the rebound.












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