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Southwest Leather Conference celebrated its 10th Anniversary

By January 19, 2012

Southwest Leather Conference BootblacksThe Southwest Leather Conference celebrated its 10th Anniversary at the Hilton Phoenix Airport the weekend of January 19-21 with about 525 full registrations plus many others attending single events.
The highlights of the weekend were the Dance of Souls on Sunday afternoon, the Southwest Master and slave contest won by Sir Mystic and Marika; the Southwest Bootblack contest taken by Bear, keynote speeches by slave pug and Alia, presentation of awards, workshops, vendors and two pansexual play parties.International Mr. Leather 2009 was a complete riot as the emcee while Great Lakes Bootbkack 2011 Gabriel was the ASL interpreter.

Since moving to Phoenix, Sir Mystic and Marika have become active members of TNG-AZ, APEX, and Kinky and Geeky AZ. Marika has been on the board of TNG-AZ, with Mystic supporting her by helping as he can. They both serve on the board of Kinky and Geeky AZ in advisory roles.

The Southwest Master and slave judges were head judge Daddy Sal, Glenda Rider, Douglas Connors, Master Konraad, Stephen Bloom, Slave Patrick and Master Stephen – Great Lakes Master 2005
Southwest Bootblack Bear has been in the BDSM community for 14 years and has been a member of the Dragon~Clan family for three years. An active member of the community, Bear has enjoyed many years of giving service as a volunteer at APEX, Butchmanns Experience, Southwest Leather Conference and as a member of The Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Bear has given presentations on Fisting and Single-tails at APEX and Desert Dominion.

Elegant was the Bootblacks head judge and was assisted by Jim Dueder, KD, slave tabitha and Dave Rhodes.

Southwest Leather Conference director Joseph Brumley noted that full registrations were up from last year.

Almost everyone was impressed by the staff of the Hilton Phoenix Airport. Even the hotel manager Rick helped stack chairs in the hurried change over from theater format to the dungeon in the main ballroom. The staff wore event T-shirts and fit in well. They made everyone feel very welcome.

Slave pug was the endnote speaker during the Sunday brunch.

Master Skip headed the program and was the speaker for the Southwest Leather Conference awards. Honors went to: Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 went to Lady Hawke; the Leatherman's Heart Award recipient was Master Obsidian, the Leatherwoman's Heart Award was given to Slave Alia, the Spirit of Service Award was presented to Daddy Kenneth, the Volunteer Of The Year Award went to boi moe and the Master Steve Sampson Golden Paintbrush Award honor was given to Viola Johnson. Master Obsidian and Viola Johnson were unable to attend, but had acceptance speeches read on their behalf.