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Release! LA Leather Pride 2023

LA Leather Pride - Release! was held March 19-26 at several venues all over Los Angeles. The main event was the Mr. LA Leather 2023 contest on Saturday night, March 25 at the Catwalk Club in Downtown LA where Colin MacDougall was best of six men competing. First Runner-up was



The main event of Palm Springs Leather Pride is the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2018 contest which was won by Jax Kelly who was tops among four men on Saturday night, October 29 at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Runner-up was Tony Dewain. International Mr. Leather 1992 Lenny Broberg and Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather 2013 Jeremy Ronceros shared emcee duties. The ASL and English Interpreter was Michael Klynn.


I do love a good leather contest. But then, who doesn't, right? Christopher Street West Leather 2016 was held Saturday night (June 7, 2015) at The Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. The always hot pre-pride Leather crowd had the privilege to watch the adorable Jeremy Ronceros and the shining star of Our Gay Group, Don Mike emcee the evening as Christopher Paul stepped down and Jeffrey Erdman take his place as the new Mr. Christopher Street West 2016. First runner up, Caleb Engen, and the other contestants, Francisco Perales and Keshav Tyagi (tee-AH-gee) cheered him on.

The four contestants were a varied bunch, any of whom would surely have done the title proud. Contestant number one, Jeffrey Erdman, originally from Seattle, WA, now lives in Los Angeles. Francisco Perales is from Fort Worth, TX, and he also has made his home here in LA. Number three, Keshav Tyagi relocated to LA from Boston. Lastly, but not least, is Caleb Engen, who went from N.O. (New Orleans), LA, and now resides in North Hollywood, CA.

judges CSW 2016There were more judges than contestants and they, too, were a varied bunch. Not only did Tom Wong, Mr. CSW Leather 2007, sit as a judge, but so did Thomas Trafelet and Nicholas Oliver. IML 2015 Patrick Smith and Christopher Paul, the current Mr. CSW rounded out the judging panel.

When asked what the biggest problem facing the leather community today is, Erdman, a lawyer, answered "the biggest problem facing the leather community today is addiction, specifically Crystal Meth addiction." He would like to see a partnership between agencies dealing with the problem of addiction partner with the LGBT community to combat this growing trend.

Francisco Perales, works with homeless Vets and agreed that addiction is a huge issue plaguing the community. He thinks that education is the main way to combat the problem of addiction in our community.

Keshav Tyagi discussed the old guard and new guard, hoping to further a coalition between the two. He feels that the old guard can mentor the new guard and, therefore, form a more cohesive community. He knows first hand how important leather community mentoring is after being rejected by his own cultural community.

Caleb Engen's first question was, does a leather title makes you a better leatherman. He denied that it does stating, "it is who you are, the title does not make you more than you were before".

All four contestants were sure of themselves, well spoken, and would have made an exemplary Mr. CSW 2016. But the votes came in and First Runner up went to Caleb Engen. The title went to Jeffrey Erdman.

Once Christopher Paul passed the sash to Jeffrey and the photo op finished, it was time for Jeremy to wax poetic about the outgoing Mr. CSW. Christopher, in his tenure, had put in over 300 service hours and raised over $5000 for various charities. Impressive indeed! Jeremy Ronceros inducted Christopher into the Los Angeles Band of Brothers.

Two generous baskets courtesy of Tom of Finland and contained ToF sex toys along with assorted lubes; and Eagle LA basket contained leather scented soap, Eagle LA bling and, of course, alcohol was given away to the generous winners as the celebration continued into the night. Congratulations, Jeffrey Erdman and Caleb Engen! And bravo to Francisco Perales and Keshav Tyagi for running and doing the community proud!

images/articles/news/sash-bash/2015/Pistons_Leather/Pistons Runner Up Winner By Motorboot Robert.jpgBrian Goss was tops among five men vying for the Mr. Pistons Leather 2015 title which celebrated the 20th year of the title and marking the 50th Anniversary of the bar being open.

The first runner-up was Kelly Bigelow.

The judges were Gus Norris, Jeremy Ronceros, Jeff Wacha, and Tommy Trafelet. The tally master was Nick.

Mr. Pistons Leather 2015 was hosted by Don Mike and Jasun Mark. Beats were presented by DJ Ryan Jones. Bootblacking was done by Bootblack Shelly.

The other contestants were Ed Woodward, Mel Morgan and Joël Royal.