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The 15th Annual 12 Days of Christmas raises $11,200

By December 25, 2013

FRIENDLHO WebHooker & Boys whipped out another year of their tinsel town antics with their fundraiser event, The 15th Annual 12 Days of Christmas: It’s Gonna Be A Hard-On Candy Christmas, on Saturday December 14.

Baltimore, Maryland’s Club Hippo set the stage for the greatest combined effort of the Drag, Leather, Straight, Bisexual, and Transgendered communities.

Shawnna Alexander and Summer Clearance, along with ASL interpreters Deb Jones and Susan Weinstein emceed a multitude of acts including singing, illusion, dancing, and skits.

People came from near and far donating their money, time, and talent to make this year's program a complete success.


During the production there were also silent auction, bootblacking, and pictures taken with Mister Claus.

This year's production was dedicated to Rich Geisendaffer aka “Rosie” for his continuing support of the LGBT communities.

cher12days201 WebAll money raised is being donated in memory of departed family, friends, and loved ones: Balazs, Tom Ciscle, Tim Starky, Jayson Scott, Dave Durman, John Pienezza, Sally Montoya, Vernon Brewer, Shane Hart, Pop Joe Sprows, Eric Lawerence, Ronnie “puppy” Millard, Christopher G. McManus, Playhouse Studios and Gallery, Jason Lynch aka “Rubber Jason”, Jeff Murphy aka “Jennifer Andrews”, and the Reverend Dolores Helena Johnson Henderson.

The 15th Annual 12 Days of Christmas raised a total of $11,200, which was an increase over last year.  This breaks down to $2,800 going to each of four beneficiaries: AIDS Action Baltimore, Scott H. Stamford Memorial Fund; the Mr. Friendly Friendly Forward Travel Fund, the Lady Lisa Drag Stage (Baltimore Pride 2014), and the Robert Davis Travel Fund of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library.

Hooker & Boys members are embers: Rik Newton-Treadway aka Hooker, woodie barnes, Paulie Treadway, Jason Sentz, Marty Diez (aka Chi Chi Ray Colby), Andy Chmielowski-Liu, Henry James, David “Pug” Spellman, Matthew Smith, David Allen, and Robert Bowden.