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The Leatherman's Handbook by Larry Townsend published in 1972

By February 29, 1972

Some call it the bible of Leather and some consider it to be just one of the hottest tomes of gay Leather erotica in history. The Leatherman's Handbook by Larry Townsend of Beverly Hills, CA was published in 1972. The Leatherman's Handbook was so popular in that era that it had reprints soon after in 1974 and 1977. Edited and revised versions were released several times later (see below). The Leatherman's Handbook had a compilation of many masculine adventures and plenty of Leather/BDSM/Fetish; enough so that there seemed to be at least one fetish that turned on almost every gay who has read it. My favorite is the sweat and full-body tongue bath on pagers 120-123 in the third printd edition.

leathermans handbook silver editionLeathermans HandbookOften The Leatherman's Handbook is named as a book read by contestants when queried by judges during Leather contest interviews. It simply is a must. For the young Leather/BDSM/Fetish/Kink/Gear man, note that much of this will float your boat just as much as it did in 1972 - human nature is the same, and thus is our craving for good, raw man sex with a lot of kink thrown in.

Its popularity has continued throughout the years with not only a Re-write as a result of the AIDS Epidemic in the early 90's, but also the Silver Jubiliee Edition being released during the 25th anniversary of its initial release.