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Victor Skolnik is Mr. Fire Island Leather 2014

By June 02, 2014

MrFILeather 2014 Victor Skolnik David Samuel Menkes WebThe centerpiece of New York-based Excelsior Motorcycle Club’s 39th Anniversary Weekend Run, from May 16 to 18 in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York, and bawdily billed as “Uranus Needs Men,” was the 14th annual Mr. Fire Island Leather contest, at the Ice Palace nightclub in the Grove Hotel on May 17, and Excelsior Treasurer Victor “Vic” Skolnik, besting two other contenders, was chosen as Mr. Fire Island Leather 2014 by a panel of four judges.

Island Breeze restaurant bartender Stevie Rich, as audience favorite, won the title of Mr. Meat Rack, and singer Edd, the third contestant, was awarded a $25 Ice Palace bar tab.

Entertainer Ariel Sinclair, celebrating 14 years as contest co-host, and porn star and former Mr. FI Leather Collin Stone served as emcees. DJ Chuck McTague was responsible for music, lights, and sound.




Fire Island Past Titleholders By Mel Flythe WebJudges were Messrs. FI Leather 2012 Mark Nayden, 2004 Jeff Goodman, and 2001—the first—this writer, and custom Leatherwear designer David Samuel Menkes, who created our sashes.

The contest was produced by Sal Piro.

Competitors vying to become the new Mr. FI Leather were judged on presentation, question and answer, and fantasy scene. Vic’s winning narrative, set at sunset during a quiet “wintertime in Cherry Grove,” concerned meeting “a really hot police officer” with a bag of toys, bringing him home to “my playground,” continuing with a piss scene, and making encounters with him an ongoing thing.  Stevie’s story began, “I want to be a really bad boy.  I want to be arrested for pissing on the sidewalk.”  He found “that it’s my roommate who arrested me,” demanding of him “Who’s your fucking Daddy?”  Edd said, “It’s Saturday night at the [old] Eagle” bar in New York City, where he met a Cajun bootblack named Benoît, who polished Edd’s boots with his jock.  It was the “best boot shine I ever had!” Edd exclaimed.

Asked how he would make the contest more successful, Vic maintained, “I enjoy Mr. Fire Island Leather. The contestants have fun and the audience does, too,” and concluded that it doesn’t need improving. Stevie was asked what being part of the Leather community means to him and declared, “Respect: I love Leather and I don’t care if you like it or not!”  Queried about why he wants to become Mr. FI Leather, Edd said that the closing of some NYC Leather bars had inspired him to become more active in the community.

Providing entertainment were Collin, who staged a spanking contest involving three tops and three bottoms, which Mr. Oil Can Harry’s [Los Angeles] Leather 2012 Tigger and Excelsior pledge, and now full member, Boy Lanoy won; Ariel, who performed a risqué version of Rihanna’s “We Found Love (in a hopeless place);” Porsche, who sang of “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N( in the Summer Sun);” Logan Hardcore, athletically portraying Beyoncé; and yours truly, who led the assembled in singing “Over the Rainbow.”

Fire Island Leather Maste rChaz Spanks JD Phoenix_duringMrFILthr_contest WebOn May 16, a benefit Master-slave auction, co-hosted by Porsche, who kicked off the evening by singing “Sexual Revolution,” and Mr. FI Leather 2012 Mark, took place at the Ice Palace.  Audience members bought ‘Daddy dollars,’ with $1 American equaling $5 in ‘Daddy dollars,’ and bid on Belvedere Guesthouse for Men’s Nigel and Master Leo, Boy Lanoy and fellow Excelsior pledge Master Chaz, Boy Bruce, the Ice Palace’s Enriqué and Daniel, go-go dancer J.D. Phoenix, Tigger, Timmy and Aaron, Nicolai, Stevie, Vic, Messrs. FI Leather Jeff and Mark, and Island Breeze Manager John Doyle, bearing a gift certificate for the restaurant. The event raised $410 to help provide fulltime Emergency Medical Services in Cherry Grove.

A bar night and a meal from Cherry Grove Pizzeria, at the Ice Palace earlier that evening, were accompanied by a ‘dinner theater’ show by Logan, doing Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna “S & M”, and Beyoncé numbers. There were parties during the weekend at clothing-optional host hotel Belvedere; Saturday morning breakfast at Floyd’s restaurant; and leather accoutrements available from Steve Leather. Dinner on May 17 and the Awards Brunch on the 18th took place at Island Breeze. 44 Leathermen, representing such clubs, beside Excelsior, as Empire City MC, Harbor Masters of Maine, Long Island Ravens MC, Bad Companions, Bucks MC, and the Philadelphians, were registered for the run.

The 2015 run in the Grove will take place from May 15-17 and be hosted by Connecticut-based Twilight Guard and Excelsior, respectively celebrating 20th and 40th anniversaries. Cherry Grove 2040 is the title of the event.

Watch for additional information at http://www.excelsiormc.com and http://www.thetwilightguard.org