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The Leather Journal staff rode in the Los Angeles Christopher Street West Parade in a convertible supplied by Avatar Club Los Angeles' Jan Verbiesen. Karen Lackey took the photo which appeared on the cover of Issue #24.

Feature articles: There were plenty of Leather/Gay and Lesbian pride events around the continent. Other runs and events were Stars and Stripes by Tarheel Leather Club in Greensboro, NC; the Mudmen weekend in Houston, TX; Clippers summer party; the Knights d' Orleans Bear Contest. The art of Liza Svika from Japan was featured. In a letter to the editor Tom of Finland Foundation vice president announced the creation of the Foundation, seeking financial support. The 13 member selection panel for the second Pantheon of Leather Awards was listed.

Jeff Snyder took the photo of International Mr. Leather titleholders 1988 Michael Pereyra, 1991 "D" Cannon, 1990 Mark Ryan and 1989 Guy Baldwin which appeared on the cover of The Leather Journal, Issue #11.

Feature articles: This edition featured 14 pages of IML coverage which featured Les Robinson's interview with "D" Cannon; Andy Mangels asked 15 contestants a few interview questions of his own for The Leather Journal, plus several pages of photos. Runs and events featured were the American Uniform Association's Muster Report held in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. Held at the same time as IML, the event drew a record crowd. Considered to be one of the best runs on the West Coast, it was time to cover Oedipus MC's Grecian Games.

Why not have a boy on the cover? Southern California Drummer Boy John Hare made The Leather Journal, Issue #22 cover which was photographed by Les Robinson.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes' Editorial, Much A Doo-Doo About Leather Contests, defended the titleholder system and referred Leatherfolk to read Guy Baldwin's Leather Contest Guide which was reviewed elsewhere in the magazine. The Leather Journal staff reached its highest number at five when assistant editor Luke Owens, art director Jeff Snyder and office manager Tracy Wieland were added. The Leather Journal Travel Club was founded and turned out to be a financial disaster for The Leather Journal. Karen Kircher interviewed International Ms Leather 1991 Kay Hallanger. Runs featured were: Spring Maneuvers hosted by the Regiment of the Black and Tans uniform club in Los Angeles; Scream Break sponsored by NLA: San Francisco Bay Area, Satyricons' MC's Hell on Heels X in Las Vegas, NV got four pages of coverage; Knights On Iron's second anniversary weekend in San Diego, CA; and Discipline VI by Disciples of DeSade in Dallas, TX.

The Cirby illustration, Murph, appeared on the cover of Issue #21 and first monthly edition of The Leather Journal.

Feature articles: Les Robinson interviewed International Mr. Leather Contest cofounder and executive producer Chuck Renslow. Karen Kircher interviewed The Leather Journal Woman of the Year 1991 Susie Shepherd. Runs and events covered included Les Robinson's visit to New York City for GMS/MA's 10th anniversary weekend. Seattle Men in Leather's Equinox II featured rain and more rain at a campground in Port Orchard, WA. NLA: San Diego hosted Leatherfest '91 - the event would rival Living In Leather in quality and size within a couple of years. Kay Hallanger won the International Ms Leather Contest in San Francisco. 12 women competed for the title that saw its first titleholder east of the Pacific Coast.

The feature story was Indentured Servitude by Yakov which depicted an Old Testament-style indentured servant ceremony at Inferno.