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Paul Hernandez photographed at Mike's Corral in Long Beach by Floyd Ballou appeared on the cover of Issue #10. Feature articles included Wally Sherwood's Around the Bay column debuted.  Rope Rap by Papa Bear Sehm featured chair/rope bondage. NLA: San Diego's first Leatherfest was the center photo spread.  Floyd Ballou captured several hot action photos of the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo.

Mack McKinnon Leather shop owner and community philanthropist of Vancouver, British Columbia; Chris Andrews, Los Angeles, CA.

The Knights Templar, San Francisco, CA disbanded.

California Motor Club of San Francisco after 26 years.

Leather sex symbol Fred Halsted died of a drug overdose on May 9 in Orange County, CA. Fred appeared in El Paso Wrecking Corp., Sextool, A Night At Halsted's among others. He co-owned Halsted's, an LA sex club.

Bob Damron, founder of the Bob Damron's Handbook, San Francisco, CA died on June 20. Bob founded the San Francisco Eagle bar and the Rendezvous, Febe's, Alley Cat, PS, Church Street Station and others before that.

Community activist and lover of IMsL 1987 Judy Tallwing McCarthey Sashie Hyatt of Portland.

Author of Urban Aboriginals and Gentle Warrior Geoff Mains of San Francisco, CA died due to AIDS-related complication.

Sashie Hyatt died the day after Susie Shepherd won the International Ms Leather Contest. Sashie was a Leather activist and lover of the first International Ms Leather, Judy Tallwing-McCarthey.

Bearisters bar home of the Hartford Colts in Hartford, CT closed.

35th Anniversary: Satyrs MC, Los Angeles, CA

20th Annual Victoria Run by Border Riders MC, Seattle, WA

15 Years: Gateway MC, St. Louis, MO, held Show Me XV run; SFGDIs (San Francisco God Damned Independents), San Francisco, CA; Knights d' Orleans, New Orleans, LA; Regiment of the Black and Tans, Los Angeles, CA

10 Years: Centurions of Columbus, OH; The 15 Association, San Francisco, CA

Gay Male SM Club, Philadelphia, PA; NLA: Portland; NLA: San Diego, CA; Seattle Dungeon Guild, WA; Knights On Iron, San Diego, CA; ORGASM (Oregon Activists in SM), Portland, OR; Loco Ticklers No. 3338; 6/2 Society, San Diego, CA; Rangers, Cleveland, OH; Menamore, Wilmington, NC; SLUG (Southbay Leather Uniform Group), San Jose, CA; LINKS, San Francisco Bay Area; Brotherhood of Pain, Houston, TX; Southern California Leather Coalition, Los Angeles, CA; GFMC/DC, Washington, DC; Motorcity Men in Leather, Detroit, MI; Defenders LL, New York, NY; Defenders LL, Tampa, FL; Men Shaving Men, Vancouver, British Columbia; Trusted Servants, San Francisco, CA; NLA: Dallas; Natinal Leather Association: Denver; NLA: Detroit; Adeptes S-M Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle, WA; Silver Dolphins, Corpus Christi, TX