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Sunday, 02 March 2014 03:04

SouthWest Olympus Leather 2014

It’s been another great weekend at “Sin In The City” in Las Vegas, NV home of the 2014 Southwest Olympus Contest.
This year’s judges were Ms. San Diego Leather 2004 Karen Yew (head judge), Mr. International Olympus Leather 2008 Andrew Love, Dr. Lawrence Burden (Dr. Larry), Master Trish, International Ms Leather Sarha Shaubach and the Tally Master was T.C.
Tawdri Hipburn Emcee SW Olympus Leather 2014 ContestThere was awesome entertainment on stage from Emcee Tawdri Hipburn, who fully enjoyed messing with the ASL translators, especially Gabriel who played along like a champ.  Mr. Nude Vegas 2014 was very nice to look at and made a fair share of the audience hot with his presence and performance.  Sable Bleu is one of the best drag performers I’ve seen in a while, she did her own sexy version of ‘Locomotion,' her strip tease was very nice as well.  Of course, you can’t truly be in Vegas if you don’t see an Elvis impersonator; we got Electric Elvis on stage both nights of the weekend.
Each contestant had to auction off their own baskets and they all did very well getting the numbers up.
Saturday night during the contest “Sin” did not disappoint. Last year we had fun auctioning the clothing off of Wayne Brawner, Andrew Love and Master Conraad with all proceeds going to a local charity, nearly $2,000 was raised.  This year on top of auctioning off people for scenes, we again had folks up on stage willing to take off their clothes for charity.  For everyone $100 a piece of clothing had to come off everyone on stage.  Those willing to bear it all in the name of ‘The Center’, a new LGBTQ Center were once again Andrew Love and Master Conraad being accompanied by International Ms Leather Sarha, Ms Sanctuary Leather Shae Flannigan, Stormy & Nicole, Q, and Dolly.
All the fundraising was tremendously successful totals were……..$1586 title holder travel fund
 and $4895 raised for The Center.

Now back to the contest J
Contestant #1 ~ Steven (sorry folks no photos allowed)

Pop Question - If you were a poker hand, which one and why?
Answer - The winning one
Speech – He met some great people this weekend and encourages others who want to run for this title to do it because you can meet others, make friends and have a great experience.
Fantasy – We were lead through a guy getting beaten up and hanged, then a group of women coming to his rescue and reviving him to then turn on those that had attacked him to begin with.
Contestant #2 - Papa Bear

Pop Question - Penn Gillette, Carrot Top or David Copperfield, favorite kinky fantasy and why?
Answer: He chose Penn Gillette because of his humor, how smart he is and because he's so funny.
Speech – He made us think. He opened with a quote, if not you, then who. He told us of a conversation he was having with someone in the area regarding education and listing those that could teach.  He wasn’t even to the 4th name before he was asked, “if not you, then who”.  Papa Bear reminded us that we need to lead the charge in the change(s) we want to see and closed with the quote, “we can only keep what we have by giving it away”.
Fantasy – Papa Bear led us through the fantasy, I’m sure more than a few have had, of what we’d of liked to see Mr. Cleaver do the lil Mrs. after a long day at the office.  The well received fantasy offered an opportunity for an impromptu fundraising opportunity; after Papa Bear's fantasy ended, the pie he used in the scene and the removal of his bottom’s bra went on the auction block and brought in an impressive $160.
southwest-olympus-2014-contestant-mr-darkContestant #3 - Mr. Dark

Pop Question - If you were a zoo animal, which one and why
Answer: He chose the horse for it's large 'member' (changed his word there), because they're strong so they can haul stuff, are smart and who wouldn't want to be a horse.
Speech – He thanked those that have helped him on his Leather journey and reminded us to pay it forward by helping others.
Fantasy – We were shown what happens to naughty slaves who don’t give Master the right drink and how they should properly serve.
Great job by all 3 contestants!!!!
mr-southwest-olympus-leather-papa-bearThe new Southwest Olympus Leather 2014 is …
Papa Bear

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Monday, 19 December 2016 12:55

LUCofLV - Leather and Giving Back

By Sydistic

'Tis the season of giving. The Christmas holiday is a time of family and of friends. It is also a time giving and helping out those in need. This has always been a fundamental foundation of Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas (LUCofLV) since its founding in 1998 and today it still is. Yes LUCofLV does raunchy things, sexy things, I’m going to be telling this story twenty-years-later things, but that is not the only thing that the club is all about. At the end of the day the members are human and it’s that human side that is often times driven to help others. For whatever the individual reasons are members of LUCofLV have a want and/or need to help out in the local community.

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