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IML 2024 Contestants Preview Featured



The Leather Journal's IML 2024 Contestants Preview

Welcome to The Leather Journal's International Mr. Lether 2024 Contestants Preview. A strong Thank You goes to Miguel Torres who is the IML Contestant Coordinator for compiling the information. We are reporting bios and photos of 60 contestans and believe have 100 percent of the IML 46 Class. I hope enjoy this effort. If you like what you see, please donate through or Patreon or Go FundMe page linked below.


Mr. Barracks 2024

Mark Calkins

I've been an active member of the Palm Springs Leather Community since 2016. The inspiring speeches at the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Competition that year motivated me to make positive lifestyle changes. These included returning to university and eventually graduating Summa Cum Laude with a History degree from Cal State LA in 2018.

I have proudly held the Mr. Barracks Leather Title for 2023 and 2024 and generated more than $10,000 in donations for worthy causes including colorectal cancer research, along with toy and food drives for at risk families in the Coachella Valley. Photo by Dusti Cunningham.


Mr. Leather Berlin 2023

Miroto Markov

Miroto Markov, originally from Bulgaria, currently calls Berlin his home. He is carrying 40 years of life experience including studying for bachelor of Arts (Digital Animation) while while serving drinks in the fetish bars in Berlin in his early 20s. Later on he moved to Amsterdam and worked with one of the biggest at that time promoter of gay events (Riedijk Productions) producing gay dance events all over Europe. Then he moved to the Canary Islands where he opened his own Gay Cafe-Bar and later on opened a fetish store right next to it, promoting the fetish and kinky style to the locals and tourists from all over the world. After 15 years he moved back to Berlin and became an active member of the fetish community.

After winning the Mr. Leather Berlin contest and being the face of the scene during his travels across the small and big fetish events across Europe, now he is here to complete with the best. Photo by Miroto Markov.

R&J Leather Bear Pride 2022

Daddy Andy

I am Daddy Andy, the Leather Care Bear! From boardrooms to gogo stages, I am everywhere. My identity as a Leatherman comes with me where ever I go. Producing events, fundraisers, pride celebrations, or volunteering for the Trevor Project as a Crisis Counselor, I never stop. My found family and bar kids are my passion. Love you, Cleveland! Photo by Anne McGill.


Mr. Leather Norway 2022

Georg Luschgy

I am a fetishist and kinkster, who loves Leather, rubber, and sportswear but also likes to be naked. I am a pet lover, boy and guard dog (puppy) owner. I was born and raised Germany and with my husband I am living in Norway since more than 12 years. I am the founder of Oslo Fetish Weekend and Member of SLM - Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo. I am fighting for #NoMeansNO #ConsentIsSexy #BeVisibleSafeLives. Photo by Scandinavian Leather Men - SLM Oslo.


Mr. Austin Eagle 2024

LTJ Reads

LTJ Reads is the first and current Mr. Austin Eagle 2024. LTJ identifies as a bisexual, pansexual, sapiosexual, and demisexual Creole man from Louisiana. LTJ is a writer/teacher who absolutely hates throwing shade in the LGBTQIA+ community. He doesn’t read people. He reads books..

LTJ is most notable for his new global movement, Throwing Light, which is an interview series aimed to touch each continent in its lifetime. He believes that new ways of thinking are vital to the survival of the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide. LTJ also believes that improving the mental health of our community is the first key. Photo by Bob Burkhardt.


Mr. Leather Europe 2024

Tom Keller

Tom's Leather journey started in London - a city well known for being a melting pot of historical culture and diverse minds. These traits have seeped into Tom's community service, blending a passion for safeguarding a brotherhood that respects its heritage whilst being inclusive-minded for our future generations. He spearheads the monthly non-for-profit bar night Leather Cruise at Underground and proudly hosts his podcast The Fetish Traveller.

Outside of Leather you can find Tom on the Football (Soccer) pitch for his local LGBTQ+ team. His boyfriend Chris and parents are not only his support system, but also his idols in life. Photo by Obsessionism Photography.


Mr. Powerhouse Leather

Spencer Adam

Spencer is the San Francisco Pit Sommelier — hosting the 12 year running STANK party, a heavy handed impact dad who enjoys finding the good boys, and newer cigar connoisseur.

When not actively in play, he works with non-profits to produce some of Folsom Street Fair's largest events like REAL BAD. Spencer produces the Powerhouse Leather Mr. and Ms titles. He’s currently serving on the board of Team Friendly SF, and SF Bay Area Rubber. He has spent the last decade plus building space in the Bay Area, and traveling to meet kinksters from all over. Photo by Trevor Ott.


Mister Alamo City Leather 2022

Master Cat Artemis

Cat is a covered Master from San Antonio. He teaches several different BDSM classes to the pansexual community. His passion is for newcomers entering the Leather and kink community. He teaches a BDSM 101 class monthly.

Cat serves as the secretary for the local chapter of the National Leather Association as well as serves as an advisor to the newly-formed San Antonio Leathermen. He is also known as a White Witch, focusing on divination and healing within his community. He enjoys reading tarot for his community. Photo by Master Cat Artemis (camera on timer).


Mr. GNI Leather 2023

David Smith

David, 53, lives in Dallas, TX with his husband of 24 years, Daniel. He loves throwing naked pool parties, photographing sexy men, and helping local queer artists get their work on the walls of the Dallas Eagle. He runs a monthly nudist group focused on creating art together. He’s a member of Discipline Corps, and his favorite kink is bondage! Photo by Sergio Amaro (@photonide).


Mr. Ramrod 2024

Will Howard

His journey into the Leather fetish lifestyle has expanded his belief that everyone should be able to belong if they chose. He founded the Leather Family Social; a Leather fetish dinner social group based on inclusive fellowship. The purpose is to engage and invigorate the Leather fetish community through fellowship to strengthen and expand our relationships on how we communicate. His true purpose is to be the voice for the Leather fetish people who never fit in, excluded, or not invited. It is the utmost importance to ensure that everyone can belong. Photo by Sabino Paulicelli.


Southwest Leather Cub 2023

Rod Owens

Rod Southwest Leather Cub 2023 is an Arizona native passionate about Leather, gear, FFisting, kink, and service. He is a member of the Phoenix boys of Leather. Rod has a passion for service and loves to be involved with things that help his community, including serving in many events for the Phoenix Queer Center and co-chair for Wax a Bear, where his group has raised over $12k each of the past two years benefiting local organizations. During his title, he devoted himself to doing his best and having fun. Photo by Peter Christiaen.


Mr. Leather Colorado 2023

JeFF Brewer

JeFF is a proud sober Leatherman with a passion for kink, fisting, kink education, and being of service to his community. He founder of Mile High Fisters (MHF), and a member of The 15 Association, Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance, Denver boys of Leather, and the FFist Council.

He facilitates a weekly sober meeting in Denver called Sober Kink and is on the Board of Directors of the Guild of Deviated Standards. Jeff has been a fisting educator at Leather events like CLAW and the event chair of Back Alley Denver, which is Denver’s two-day fetish fair. Photo by Peter Christiaens.


Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2023


At the intersection of Leather, art, and comedy, you’ll meet Poptart, a Leatherman and drag queen from Atlanta, GA. Catch him at Mary’s, where he co-hosts an award-winning drag stand-up comedy show, Standing Room Only, or at the Atlanta Eagle, where he fundraises for queer and trans charities across the southeast.

If you want to know more about Poptart, join him in the work he does. You can also follow him on Instagram @Poptartthequeen. When you get the chance, ask him why his name is Poptart. Photo by Kevin Avila.


Mr. New England Leather

Jack Keegan

Jack is an asexual, vegetarian, video game and Dungeons and Dragons nerd. He currently lives in Providence, RI with his husband, two corgis, and a chinchilla.

As a proud Leatherman, Jack advocates for the normalization of fetishwear as well as the rights of the transgender community. He has a particular interest in gloves, and he's even known back home asThe Glove Guy. As Mr. New England Leather, he is enjoying traveling and fundraising for local and national charities. Professionally Jack works in retail sales but is pursuing a career in voice acting. Photo by Rocco Pesce.


Mr. Chicago Leather 2024

Vince Jay

Vince Jay of Chicago, IL represents the Leather community through volunteering, activism, and fundraising for local causes, including the Brave Space Alliance.

As a Deputy Registrar, he is passionate about getting people registered to vote and participating in the democratic process. His work in design and construction fuels his passion for art, including welding and metal sculpting as a side outlet for his creativity. He can also often be found in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining neighbors and friends. He is excited to welcome visitors to his home city of Chicago and compete at IML 46 this year. Photo by Vince Jay.


Mr. SoCal Leather 2023

Moshiel Newman Daphna

Moshiel embodies the essence of a Kinky, Tatted, Good Jewish Boy. As Mr. SoCal Leather 2023, he hopes to proudly command the IML stage. From Hassidic Jew, Premier Jewish Drag Queen Lady SinAGaga, he's now a seasoned. Leatherman.

Moshiel advocates for recovery, embracing sobriety for over a decade. Beyond the IML stage, he's a writer and producer of Five the Parody Musical, a political Off Broadway spoof. Founding Punch, he throws parties championing inclusivity particularly in fisting play spaces. Moshiel's journey epitomizes resilience showcasing an unwavering commitment to empowerment through diverse endeavors, all while carrying around that juicy ass. Photo by Zev Rose.


Mister Evidence Leatherman 2023


Hello from France! My name is Anthony, I'm 34 and I'm from Marseille. Seven years ago, I moved to Nice on the Côte d'Azur, where I work as a hairdresser. I've been in the Fetish scene for almost 10 years. I'm a member of the LGBT center and the Evidence Association, which I help as much as I can.

I'm proud to be a Leatherman, but above all, I'm proud to be a gay man, disabled and from a modest background, because that's what forged my personality. I'm also part of the team that organizes the Nice so fétiche event, where I had the chance to create, with the help of the whole team, two important highlights for the weekend: the fetish haircut and the Bondage workshop. Photo by leatherbrice77.


Mr. Cleveland Leather 2023

Matt Fuerst

Matt Fuerst, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, proudly holds the title of Mr. Cleveland Leather 2023 (he/him/his). He is a mechanical engineer, computer scientist, and product manager in addition to being an avid Leatherman. Matt sees no reason why anyone can't be both professional and kinky.

A passionate advocate for both LGBTQ+ youth and seniors, Matt channels his efforts into fundraising for charities supporting these causes. He loves mixing his nerd with his kink. Matt hosts monthly board game nights for his local LGBT and kink community and throws other kink-based events in the northeast Ohio area. Photo by Emerson Aniceto @FStop74Photo.


Mr. Texas Leather 2023

boy beacon

Since the age of 20, boy beacon, Mr. Texas Leather 2023, has worked hard to improve as a submissive, learn the history of his community, and serve all the people in it. He is co-founder/co-head of The Submissive Community of Central Texas (SCCT), and a member of Austin GEARS.

boy Beacon also works diligently at the Texas state health department to overcome inequities to healthcare services by making vaccinations more accessible to under served communities. boy beacon put his heart into his name, as it represents his goal to inspire kindness, compassion, and hope in everyone he meets. Photo by Justin Oldmixon.


Mister Fetish Gran Canaria 2023


Born in the mountains of southern Germany, joined the Navy at 19 as submarine navigation officer. After that to the intelligence service in Munich, where I got to know Freddie Mercury very well. Met my current husband 16 years ago, discovered the Leather fetish and my love for BDSM, which was like a second puberty at 57. Today I am very active in BLF, SLfC, Folsom Europe, Brazil Cigar Men and different socials. I am now the "face" of the Leathermen in Berlin and enjoy my role as daddy and master of spanking. Always with heart and mind is my motto. Photo by BlackRubberFun.


Mr. Connecticut Leather 2024


Putting kindness, humility and goofiness into all he does, Jordan is always willing to do the work. Seeing a chance to help others in his state have a voice, this attempted suicide survivor simply wants to remind everyone that you are worth it, you are loved and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Photo by Mr. M Photo (Michael Morasse).


International Leather & Boots Spain

Jesús Cuerobotas

Spanish Leatherman, nurse by profession and vocation. I came out of the fetish closet in 2022, when I met the club that has become my chosen family, International Leather & Boots Spain, of which I am currently vice-president. Three months later I was elected Mister, and with my husband, I have dedicated my time to give visibility to my club and the Leather community throughout Europe. Creator of the Leather Pride in La Rioja. Very social, great conversationalist and with a great curiosity to learn about other cultures and ways of life. I´m a Dominant Active Master, always open to new experiences.






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Sydney Mr. Leather 2023

Coach Jura

Ropes, Flogging, and Sensory Play and Daddies are his kinks. A massage therapist, and coach in life, whether it is in the gym or out on the football field. His passions are watching people grow and embrace their own identities. He has a soft spot for craft beers, cigars, motorcycles, and nerdy things.

His journey in the Leather community spans over a decade. He played a pivotal role in the founding of groups like The HIDE and Sydney Leather Men Inc. He o-founded Sydney Leather Week which continues to bring a mix of events and workshops for the Sydney fetish community. Photo by Darkroom Daddy, aka Mick Watso.


Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors 2024

Steven Crespo

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, with the past 28 years in the USA. I’m a clinical genetics scientist, with a love for natural bodybuilding and antiques. I'm proud of our diverse LGBTQ+ population, especially a vibrant Leather community where I live, and which I love promoting. I enjoy multiple kinks, but electro sparks my interest more (pun intended!). I'm working towards creating kink awareness and education to the local LatinX community, and to help those who have small voices but no power, our LGBTQ+ kids. Remember, a smile can make a world’s difference to someone needing one. Photo by Randy Addisson.


San Francisco Eagle Leather Pup 2024

Jamal Herrera-O’Malley

Jamal Herrera-O'Malley, known by his aliases Alpha Savage and Alpha ONYX, is a highly-respected and influential member of the SF fetish community. Holding the prestigious title of San Francisco Eagle Leather Pup 2024, as well as serving as Co-Alpha of Service Pups of SF and a brother of ONYX NW, Jamal is a prominent figure in the community. He is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the Queer, Fetish, and Leather community. In addition to his involvement in various fundraising and event organizing efforts for Leather, Kink, and LGBTQIA+ causes, Jamal also serves as a pup handler for Team Friendly Pup 2024 and as a judge at the SF Eagle 2024, Team Friendly 2024, and Texas Pup and Handler 2024 contests.

He is also the Co-host of Timeout, a popular monthly gathering for Pups and Cubs. In his free time, Jamal enjoys traveling, flogging, engaging in Pup play, working out, embracing nudity, and cherishing quality time with his loved ones. Photo by @alexray_eyes.


Mr. San Francisco Leather 2023

Bacilio Mendez II

Bacilio Mendez II co-chairs The Trusted Servants (a clean and sober, kink and fetish organization), sits on the Board of The San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group, and is a proud member of The 15 Association. As Guard HOOOO?!, Bacilio serves as the Master of Archives for The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc., where he preserves the history of Bay Area Leather activist culture, thanks to a generous community-based archives grant from The Mellon Foundation.

A former National Lawyers Guild W. Haywood Burns Memorial Fellow for Social and Economic Justice, Bacilio is also a member of both SAG-AFTRA and Actors' Equity. Photo by Luis Cobelo/Rachelle Derouin Photography.


Mr. Buckwood Leather 2023

Boot Pup Cobalt

Boot Pup Cobalt is your local corn fed, hometown, Korean Leatherman from Bloomington, Indiana who is the current holder of the Mr. Buckwood Leather title. Starting his journey in the pup and bootblacking community, he's grown to experience and enjoy a great many things from rope to impact to cigars, on both sides of the slash.

He strives to bring inclusive and accessible education to those who live in small towns, and to show that the Leather community is a place for anyone. Everyone has a seat at this table, and everyone is welcome. Photo by Katlin Phillips (KCP Creative Imagery).


Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2024

Ken Nelms - Fire Daddy Ken

Ken Nelms (He, Him) is the former Mr. Virginia Leather 2023 and a newly retired firefighter after 36 years. He's accredited with many saves, that are depicted in his tattoo.
He is an active and supportive of many groups within the LGBTQ+ community. A current member of the Knight Hawks of Virginia and a board member of the Life Center of Norfolk. Where improving wellness and health is his focus.

He can be found at MJ's Tavern flagging many and vers in most. A pleasure Daddy that believes in consent, safe play spaces and inclusivity in Leather and kink. Photo by Mike Rogers.


Mr. RGV Leather 2024

Jesus Lopez

Jesus E. Lopez was in born Brownsville, Texas and raised in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. During his time in Nuevo Leon his tight family values and culture were cultivated. He moved back to Texas and attended the University of Texas at Brownsville graduating with a Bachelors in Translation and Interpretation.

During his college years he got involved in the art of folklore dance. In 2014, Jesus received a proclamation from the city of Brownsville for promoting the culture within the community and around the world. Jesus’s goals are not only to be International Mr. Leather, but to be a representative of the community displaying its values, power and confidence.


Mr. Route 66 Leather 2023

Michael Raven

Michael hails from Houston, TX but has called Minnesota home for 21 years. He has been in a 24/7 Daddy/boy relationship with Daddy Shay Raven, founder of House of Raven for those 21 years.

Michael is a member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Lucky Charm. Michael also holds the title of Mr. Lone Star Houston 2016. Michael is an outspoken transgender and disability advocate. In his spare time, Michael enjoys traveling, doing kinky things with dirty people at events, and meeting community from around the globe. Michael flags white, and hunter green, on the right. Photo by Ryan Coit.


Chicago Leather Ambassador 202

Daniel Mason "Lil' Daddy Bear"

Daniel Mason “Lil’ Daddy Bear” started his Leather journey at the age of 21 a Daddy's Bar in San Francisco, CA where he became a resident DJ. Currently he works as a master hairstylist and continues to DJ for inclusive events. He is Pro Sex Work as has also been in adult films and modeling. His love for fashion, Leather and kink allowed him to make all gender expressions and experience levels feel safe, welcome, supported and seen, “Nobody can tell you what you makes You feel sexy, comfortable, and confident." Photo by SMK Photograghy.


Mr. Phoenix Leather 2023

Austin Kent

Austin Kent (he/him) is Mr. Phoenix Leather 2023 and a Kinsman of the Phoenix boys of Leather. A Soft Sir, his domination style centers around consent, control, and compassion. He believes there is strength in softness and finds joy in creating soft moments: ones of support and laughter, of acceptance and safety, and of scorching intimacy.

Austin loves wearing wrestling singlets and getting hot and sweaty in the desert heat. Embracing the moniker Dragon of the Southwest, he has a penchant for dragontails and is passionate about impact play, delivering satisfaction and pleasure through encouragement and pain. Photo by Jake Burke.


Mr. Mayhem Leather 2023


Keron is a scientist and research manager by day and a kinkster Leather boy/switch by night. He immigrated from Italy in 2018 and started walking the Leather life in 2021. He is Mr. Mayhem Leather 2023 and first runner-up at Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2024.

Keron produces and co-hosts the Philly Pet Night and the Leather and Cigar Social in Philadelphia. Keron is passionate about the intricacies of Leather and advocates for diversity and inclusivity within the community. He flags red, navy blue, and yellow on the left and carries yellow, light blue, black, grey, and white hankies in his right pocket. Photo by Alexander John.


Mr. Eagle NYC 2024

Eric Holland

Eric, both a Leatherman and pup handler, is a founding member and current owner of an adult merchandise manufacturing company. While proud of his accomplishments, it’s not without tremendous gratitude he extends to the LGBT recovery community. After suffering through 15 long years of mental obsession and physical compulsion for mind-altering substances, he narrowly escaped death; emerging with renewed determination. Eternally grateful for the love and support of his fellows, Eric continues to navigate the path to recovery one day at a time and is committed to a lifestyle of kink by dedicating his resources to community and education. Photo by Sir Will Power.


Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2023

Lord Thunderknight

Lord TK (he/him) is a young Leather bear from Baltimore, MD. He is the first person of color to champion a mayhem title. He travels around the country causing mayhem and merriment throughout both the Leather and Bear Bear communities. Photo by Chris Jay.


Mr Iowa Leather 2024

XJ Miller

Howdy! I’m XJ (he/him), an SM switch into heavy bondage, heavy impact play, piercing, sounding, and body worship - Woof! I was guided into Leather and kink-education by my mentors in 2018, where I found support, compassion, and acceptance for my long-denied kinky desires. I work to cultivate relationships and spaces grounded in that same collective support and compassion, mentorship, and education.

I also work with local health services, bringing a harm reduction perspective to HIV/STI prevention and destigmatization, and I volunteer my graphic design services to LGBTQ and Leather titleholders and organizations. Photo by Jonathan Dwight Photography.


Mr. Gay Days 2023

Tony Vega

Tony Vega’s been an active member of the Leather family for several years. He’s passionate about servicing... hole. Tony’s the founder/ producer of the MeatUp USA/ Phallic Frolic; fetish events for enhanced individuals and their chasers. He is part of Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt's Family and is known as Mama’s Modded Fist Pig. He currently serves as the entertainment director for Orlando Leather Pride and volunteers for Aids Life Cycle - Team Beefcake. His most recent titles include Mr. LA Leather Bear 2024 and Mr. Gay Days 2023. Tony is proud to be your International Superstar - Hole Puncher of the Universe! Photo by Jordan Service.


Mr. Ohio Leather 2023

Sir James

I currently reside in Akron, Ohio with my husband and four wonderful and "opinionated" fur babies. My major platform is to help the youth in Northeast Ohio who have been cast aside by their immediate families. When I am not busy with charity organizations I am currently a United States Postal Carrier. Along my career path, I was a Second Lieutenant in the Army, were I received a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. I then achieved my degree in Interior Design and became a Master Floral designer where I owned four flower shops in three different states. Photo by Ian Argo of Argonian Photography.


Mephisto Leathers 2023

boy Cody

I continue to be proud to call Chicago my home over the past four years with my partner, Christopher Salas, where I am employed by 64TEN.

Prior to moving to Chicago, I was an active member of the Ohio Leather community. I was a member of the Rangers, a Leather and Levi Club. I was awarded the title of Mr. Akron Leather 2015 and earned an additional title for a regional Leather organization, Ohio Leather Boy 2018.

I continue to advance on my leather journey. After moving to Chicago I have become a voting member of The Leather Archives and Museum. As Mr. Mephisto Leathers 2024 I aim to reach out to organizations that support people who have (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder. I plan to use my platform to support our cause.

I am very open about living with ASD. My hope is that this title, Mr.Mephisto Leathers 2024 will help me to inspire others with ASD find their voice within the Leather Family.

I have developed an affinity for Irish Music, playing the tin whistle and the bagpipes to help me cope with my struggles with ASD. It has been my privilege to perform with several regional Irish ensembles and a group called Zaffa that performs traditional Middle Eastern music. Photo by Todd Davidson.


Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2024

Tyler Lansdell

Tyler (he/him) is a 24 year old man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, representing Mr. Twin Cities Leather. Hailing originally from California, Tyler has dedicated himself both to service and learning both in and out of the playroom since starting his Leather journey just over two years ago.

He has a passion for community building on a personal level, encouraging first-steppers and newcomers to step into Leather side by side, strengthening the new generation of our scene. He’s also an associate member of the Atons of Minneapolis, a board member for Minnesota Leather Pride, and an active Twin Cities Bootblack. Photo by Coit Photography.


Austin Person of Gear 2024

Kewal Maravilla

Kewal is a Latinx, enby, social worker who is also the Thaddy (they/them + Daddy) of La Casa de Maravillas in Austin, TX. They work within their community to raise funds for AIDS services and sobriety and harm reduction services. Their hobbies include yoga, tabletop RPGs, being in water, and snacks. Photo by Aryel Muse.


Mr. Louisiana Leather 2024

Jimmy Gale

Jimmy Gale won his title in September, during his reign as Southern Decadence Grand Marshal. By day, he works in public health supporting People Living with HIV, promoting harm reduction and leading overdose reversal education initiatives. By night, he bartends at the New Orleans Phoenix.

He is member of the Crescent City Leathermen, a Saint with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and won the title of Gay Man of the Year in 2023. Originally from the SF Bay Area, he has lived in New Orleans for nearly five years and is excited to represent his new home and community. Photo by Ariq Robinson.


Mr. Michigan Leather 2024.

AJ Michigan

AJ has been active in the Michigan Leather community for several years. AJ is proud and honored to represent his home bar, The Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, and the Michigan Leather community at IML this year.

AJ enjoys hosting, promoting, and supporting the many Leather events and Leather organizations throughout the state of Michigan. He enjoys collaborating with others both locally and nationally throughout the Leather community. AJ is an active member of the Michigan Band of Brothers.

AJ believes that giving back to the community is important. During the 2023 holiday season, he participated in a national food drive with other titleholders and a local toy collection for children less fortunate throughout Michigan. Photo by Jason Bush - Preppyman Photography.


Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2024

Oscar Uvillus (condor)

Long time immigrant from Ecuador to the United States, resident of Palm Springs, CA for six years. Oscar was a public school teacher in Texas for almost 10 years before moving to California. Currently he is studying to become and RN, with plans of working in mental health in the near future. He also belongs to the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence of Palm Springs, and goes by the name of Alegria Quint Leecker. Oscar is happily married and lives with his husband and five dogs between Palm Springs, California and Quito, Ecuador where he is originally from. Photo by Christopher Shebel.


Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2024

David “El Bandido” Mosqueda

David is an outspoken advocate for equity in HIV prevention and care access for Latinx folks in Los Angeles County. He has traveled across the country and internationally to discuss the importance of breaking HIV stigmas, and how to do just that through sex positivity and embracing kinks. He is a proud Latinx Leatherman that wears his culture in every look. Photo by Robert Green, Motorboot Photogrpahy.


Mr. Fire Island Leather 2023

Sir Charles

As a native Texan who joined the Leather community at a young age, I learned from some of the best of the Old Guard that brought me in. I made the transition to NYC 25 years ago and I got to see my community grow and expand with new ideas while looking out for one another. The community is about love, lust, and Leather, not abuse. As a domestic violence survivor I want to ensure that we look out for each other, while enjoying the hedonism of it all. Photo by Adam Rose.


Mr. NJ Leather 2023

Dr. Michael Zito-Govert

I am proud to be a Leather Elder and representing all of us in the Leather community for more than 30 years. I cannot say enough about how necessary it is to be accepting of the visibility of all of the kinksters, fetishists, and identities in this wonderful Leather life. I am proud to be a healthcare provider to an amazing and broad community of LGBTQIA+, HIV positive, and marginalized individuals with unique needs. I cheer on all my class siblings, and congratulate all who choose to represent their titles here. Photo by Pete Philomey


Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2024

Larry Minutella

Having been part of the gay and Leather communities since my twenties, I’ve modeled for COLT, Atlas Men, HomoRodeo, titleholder for Dallas' Hottest Cowboy and appeared on a British reality TV dating show. I’ve also created two LGBT+ apps and published three books about my childhood adventures. While some may call me Daddy, I actually am a father with an incredible son. My hobbies include playing piano, handiwork, and home renovation. Being single for over 15 years, it would be nice to settle down and live the Leather kink lifestyle with someone. Photo by Dusti Cunningham.


Missouri Leather 2023

Brandon Rinati

Involved with Leather since 2006. A member of Rudis Leather Society. Loves to volunteer and teach Kink. Photo by Zachary Haynes.


Mx Maryland Leather 2024

Vanas Pup

Vanas is a self-proclaimed cryptid. A punk critter from Rockville MD, Vanas enjoys taking gender norms and putting them where they belong....in the trash. As the current Mx Maryland Leather, they are continuing the line of Non-binary Finery from Baltimore. As an Associate Member of COMMAND MC, and a fully-professed member of the DC Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Vanas works to promote sexual freedom, and the normalization of non traditional relations and communities. With a message of “Embrace your Inner Monster," Vanas encourages folks to love the parts of themselves that society demonizes. Photo by Chris Jay.


Mister Leather France 2023

Nacho Geraige

I’m Nacho, a 30 year old man, born in Argentina. Since my childhood I knew I was a Leatherman. I came to Europe in 2018 to live my Leather life. After a lot of travel in some countries, where I discovered many Leather communities. I live now in Paris with my husband since 2021. I won the Mister Leather France contest in April 2023. I used to travel all around Europe, even in the USA, to promote the Leather community. I’m here to continue this adventure with enthusiasm. Photo by Yves.


Mr. Providence Eagle 2023

Jerry Ringuette

Jerry Ringuette has been an activist within the LGBT+ community for over 20 years. He is BLUF Member 3163, full member of RI Leather Enthusiasts (RILE) and associate member of The Chicago Hellfire Club. In October 2023, he won the title Mr. Providence Eagle and has used the position to mentor those trying to find their place in the Leather and kink world, and to encourage camaraderie of old-guard Leather with other Leather-loving identities seeking safe space within the community.

He is constantly pushing personal boundaries and meeting new people to learn and better himself as a person and mentor. Photo by MrM Photo1973.


Leatherman of Color 2024

Voudou Onyx

Voudou Onyx, a "Certified Geek," hails from Chicago, IL. He's the current Pledge Master for ONYX Midwest. A Freelance Designer, he customizes/repurposes Leather into new, bold Leather gear for himself and friends. He's into Dollification, Role Play and Watersports. Lives by the motto, "Spitters are quitters!"

Voudou is an avid cosplayer who is into comic books, movies, trivia and travel. Many of his clothing designs often take inspiration from the BDSM undertones of 80's X-men comics. Photo by Cheshire Onyx.


Mr. Firedancer 2022

Kevin Hamby

Native Houstonian and professional senior interior designer who designs commercial and hospitality spaces for the last 23 years. Currently, President of Misfits Houston, which is a 31 year old Leather/levi club and Chair of GLUE Weekend, one of the largest fetish weekends in Texas. Sexually fluid between different roles/positions depending on the headspace and partner. Married and renovating a 1930's ranch while raising a great dane. Photo by Mark McCray.


Mr. Colombian Leather 2024

Mr. Gattoso

I am Mr.Gattoso, which means cat and bear and am 34 years old. Since my title, I have created the Folsom Nights Party space once a month to help unite the country's Leather community. This has connected six commercial brands, three Leather groups and increased visibility to new people. Currently talking with the first LGBTI museum in Bogotá to include a Leather section.

My kinks are fisting, underwear, sex toy and others. I love traveling, swimming, socializing and dancing. Also invite friends to a coffee at my house and talk. Photo by Javier Marentes PH.


Italian Fetish Man of the Year 2023


Hello to everyone and all, I'm Maxwell, the Italian Fetish Man of the Year 2023. I am a 40th years old engineer, a poet and a good chef, an often balanced mixture between the logical and the dreamer.

I've always been aware of my fetish inclinations, but I stayed on the edge of it for many years. Or, like I Always Say, "I'm just a beautiful little guy who happened to pass by here."

In the last few years have been a continuous evolution, especially thanks to very great friends who gave me the opportunity to experience myself in a new form.

Exploring my fetishes, getting into them, understanding them, studying their history and experiencing their evolution I could enter in the Italian and European fetish scene, and establishing new relationships and friendships. Photo by Marco Frascarelli.


Mr. Bolt Leather 2024

Aaron Piccirillo

I am a very active individual. I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and swimming. I am at my most creative when I am drawing, painting, writing music or making Leather accessories. When I am not traveling and attending Leather events, I can be found at my local bar either tending, throwing a fundraiser party, or playing pool. I love my community and I am thrilled to represent them this year at IML. Photo by Jack Daniel.


Mr. Hidden Door 2023

Scott Hieger

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I never thought that one day I would represent my favorite bar as Mr. Hidden Door. My retirement from teaching world history gave me the freedom to embrace the lifestyle I had always dreamed of, and so I jumped whole-heartedly into the world of Leather and of kink. Now working in the Dallas gayborhood, I belong to the Dallas tribe of the Firedancers, write science fiction novels, research the fascinating, but little-known, world of the Byzantine Empire, promote the Dallas Leather community, and to proudly flag red right. Photo by Mack Sturgis.


Mr. Classic Leather 2023

Master David

Master David is honored to be representing his R & J Leather Family and Leathermen over the age of 50 at IML 46 this year. He has spent over three decades serving and loving the community that is the core of who he is today. He has done his best to give back more than he receives, however feels that is near impossible. This stop on his journey is a lifelong dream come true. The bonds of brotherhood and experiences shared will be memories he will carry with him always. All he wants is to make his family proud. Photo by Heather Gore.


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